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The one thing more important than your time (and how to have more of it)

People often think their most valuable resource is time. Once it’s spent, it’s gone.

It’s also common to think that, with a long to-do list, all that’s really needed to complete it is more time.

Neither of these is true.

If you think about the people you admire and the great things they have achieved, it’s not because of the amount of time they had. No, that is the one thing they all had in common; they all had 24-hours in a day.

It’s how you spend your 24-hours that determines what you achieve. And how you spend your hours is most influenced by your energy.

Given energy is their most important resource, you’d think people would protect it more than they do. But no. I’ve found women especially are too frivolous with their energy.

Energy is mismanaged in two main ways:


1. It’s given away far too easily

Tip: Say ‘no’ to those things you don’t want or need. It’s okay to say no. Some people won’t like it. That’s okay too. Remember, everyone benefits when you are energised.

Tip: Prioritise. If I said yes to everything I wanted to say yes to, then I’d be saying yes too much. I’ve learned that to achieve any goal, there will always be something or things that have to be given up. Whether it’s writing my book, choosing to be in a relationship and have a family, travel, build a business… these are all things I want but in order to do them well, I had to make peace with letting go of some things.

Tip: Adjustments are okay. Just because you said ‘yes’ to something previously, doesn’t mean you have to keep saying yes. Life is one long series of constant adjustments and corrections, especially if you are developing yourself and endeavouring to live your best life.

Tip: Get on ‘your path’. This is about doing work and other activities that are meaningful to you. So often people think they’ll be happy when they do/have/achieve ‘X’. But, in coaching hundreds of people, I’ve learned that it’s about being on their ‘true’ path that makes people happy. Just knowing you’re on ‘your path’ energises you, let alone the exhilaration you feel when you achieve one of your milestones.


2. It’s not sufficiently recharged

Tip: We all know about getting enough sleep and exercise. We also know about eating healthy and drinking enough water. This knowledge, while basic, is useless unless we are putting it into practice.

Tip: Don’t wait for someone to give you permission. Your permission is all you need.

Implementing these tips is mainly about creating greater self-worth and healthy habits. It’s not always easy to do when it feels like there is always someone who needs something from you. But if you won’t protect your most important resource, who will?


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