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The connection between customer service and business growth

In an increasingly competitive marketplace where the customers are more empowered and aware than earlier, businesses have to deploy numerous measures to grow and make revenues.  From using web marketing strategies to using social media campaigns, they leave no options untouched to promote their services as well as products. From time to time, the companies also offer lucrative promotions and discounts on their products- to woo more customers. These strategies can work on your existing customers and may woo prospective ones but you should not be content with these. To ensure your customer base grows with time and revenue shoots upwards- focusing on offering quality customer service is also necessary.


Importance of offering top-notch service to your customers

Whether your company belongs to the automobile sector or it deals with baby garments, the importance of offering quality service and support to the customers cannot be undermined. For any business, developing a strong relationship with the customers is of utmost importance to ensure sustenance and steady growth. You should not deem Customer service as an afterthought- it should be a priority instead. From the time a customer visits your site to the time he/she finalizes order-customer service staffs should be ready to offer all types of assistance at each stage. Even after the purchase, the role of customer service does not come to an end.


Benefits of offering excellent Customer service for businesses

Offering quality Customer service can bring several benefits to any company, as it is. The major advantages include:

  • Repeat purchases and loyal customers- When your customers are happy with the quality of service received, they are more likely to return to the site or brand store.  The customers should be offered prompt and useful service by the support agents and staffs of the company at all times. Whether the customer is facing a problem in placing the order or he/she has a query about specific products, assistance should be readily offered to him/her. Similarly, when a customer calls up or emails to lodge grievances- the matter should be given due importance. The agents should give their best to resolve such issue at the earliest. When the customers find assistance at all level of the journey and find quick resolutions to the problems they face post-purchase, they are likely to be loyal to your brand. A loyal customer is an asset to any company and having many such customers paves way for steady revenue.
  • Positive word of mouth- Your company spends a significant amount of money on advertising through various means- beyond any doubt. These include advertising on TV, printed materials, Web and social media campaigns etc. However, you should use quality customer service that encourages your customers to indulge in unpaid advertising for the brand! Satisfied customers are often found to spread positive word of mouth and this has always been the case. Nowadays, such happy customers can spread positive word of mouth through social media platforms too. This ensures positive perception about your company and products get spread even faster. Eventually, this will contribute to business growth.
  • Competitive edge- Nearly all rival companies offer competitive pricing and lucrative promotions to lure the customers. However, your company can stand out amidst the competitors by offering outstanding service and support to the customers. Imagine a situation when a customer wants to buy a product sold at a discounted rate on a company website. If he/she experiences problems at checkout or gets a shoddy response from the support staffs, the discount may not entice for long. However, if your company offers the same product at a slightly high rate but the support provided makes the customer delighted, he/she will definitely buy it from your site.
  • Increased visitor conversion- It is not only necessary to pay special attention to the needs of existing customers but you have to think of the prospective customers too. There are many such prospective customers among the visitors exploring your site for the first time! The support agents can offer proactive assistance to the visitors based on their browsing pattern. They should be prompt about replying to chat queries of such visitors too. When the site visitors get prompt assistance and response to their queries, they are more likely to buy products from the site. This leads to a growth of customer base and revenue.
  • More testimonials- When your company offers top notch service to the customers, they are more likely to write positive feedbacks on the website and testimonials. A section of site visitors looks for these feedbacks by existing customers before making up their mind. This eventually leads to revenue growth.

Ways to offer quality service to your brand customers

Given the fact superior customer service fetches multiple benefits to your business you need to know the ways to offer top notch service to the customers. This can be done in a number of ways.

  • Reducing customer pain points- Successful businesses, regardless of their sizes and niche pay attention to understanding the pain points faced by customers and removing them accordingly. This is an essential part of quality customer service. You have to understand which parts of the customer journey contain the pain points. It can be during product search, placing an order or the issue can be related to delivery too. Ease of navigation in site and mobile device compatibility can also be among pain points. Finding these hurdles and rectifying them is part of offering quality customer service.
  • Taking feedbacks from customers, learning their preferences- Unless you learn the preferences of the customers and obtain their feedback on various issues, offering quality service will remain a distant dream! Feedbacks can be collected from the customers in many ways. You can use your company’s social media profiles and email for this. Alternatively, post chat feedback sessions can be used in live chat. These surveys should be kept small and questions can be used to learn about customer preferences and main areas of grievances. Later, those changes can be implemented to make the customers happy.
  • Using suitable helpdesk software– There was a time the customer support section relied mostly on phone and personal support in most of the companies. Digital technology evolution and growth of the fast internet has changed this. Most companies use specific software solutions to provide customer support. So, you should ensure excellent customer support software is used in your company. This will help customers save time and their issues will get resolved without hiccups.
  • Making loyal customers feel privileged- Eventually, all customers are valuable to your brand. However, you should be careful about giving importance to those customers who have bought several times from your brand/site. It would be a good idea to offer special discounts or unexpected personalized gifts to such loyal customers from to time. This will make them feel good and it will be easier to retain those customers.

Summing it up

Offering outstanding service to the customers will help your brand survive steep competition and race ahead of rivals in the sector. It also helps develop a strong brand image. To offer excellent quality service to the customers you have to recruit skilled staffs and deploy suitable, feature-laden customer support software. Of course, taking feedbacks from the customers can be useful. 

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