The Borrower’s Guide: 8 Effective Tips for Obtaining Commercial Property Loan

Obtaining a commercial property loan can be a difficult endeavor, especially if it’s your first time to make your space in the business industry. It gives you a rewarding feeling if you’re able to obtain one for your business. But, if your lender turns you down, the hope of expanding your business will go down the drain.

Fortunately, there are things you can do that will not only make the whole process  easy but will also help you to get the best loan offer available. Here are the eight painless tips on getting the best business property loan.

Make Everything Prepared

Before applying for a commercial loan, assure that you have everything that a lender needs at any given moments. Commercial lenders will require your tax return, most recent financials, copies of sales contracts and lease, bank statements and other essential documentation.

A lender will ask you to prepare the documentation in good condition. Thus, be sure to hand them everything when they ask for it. Be professional and make everything prepared during the process. Your preparation is an essential key to get you qualified on the best deal.

Consider Asking Questions

You should have proper discussions with your commercial mortgage lender concerning loan terms to get the best rate. Ask about the flexibility of the rate, and the duration of financial support, if it’s long or short term.

Your mortgage lender needs a clear comprehension when it comes to your investment time horizon. To properly understand everything in legal matters get help from an attorney to assist you with your concerns.

Look for a Professional Mortgage Broker

A mortgage broker is responsible for gathering employment documentation, a credit report and other necessary documentation to secure the ability of a borrower for the entire financing.
There are many commercial loan broker that can help you reduce your interest rate. A professional broker will give you advice on how to find a deserving and honest lender.   

Prepare a Comprehensive Structure Diagram

Commercial lenders will look for your business structure diagram. Prepare a precise and accurate corporate structure diagram to make the lender understands your business structure even with just one glance.

A comprehensive structure diagram can reduce your loan approval time since your lender already understands your business goals.

Tell the Lender Frankly

In your first meeting, don’t ever hesitate to tell the lender directly what’s your expected interest rate as well as the establishment fee you will pay. It could avoid any complications during the entire process.

Let the lender meets your expectations as a borrower by telling exactly what you need for your commercial property.

Present yourself Like a Job Applicant

Some commercial lenders require experience. Thus, build your self-confidence at the very first meeting. You can present your curriculum vitae (CV) and show to the lender that you’re qualified for the best deal.

During the interview, treat it as a job interview and confidently explain your business proposal and ask questions along the way.

You Should be Familiar with the Premises

One of the necessary considerations of making your own title in the business industry is to be familiar with the premises of the commercial property you wish to purchase including the number of units, size, and location.

Being familiar with the premises could help you understand your business’s goals that should be discussed with your lender.


Trusted lenders need your persistence as a borrower. Lenders might also require your business proposal. Hence, visiting sites like loan officer marketing ideas to obtain an outstanding business concept. Commercial lending can be a daunting task, but with the help of the tips above, you will have a painless approach along the way.

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