The Best Head to Toe Beauty Regimen to Engage in Daily

Looking one’s best as they age isn’t just about genetics. While it is true that some people never seem to age, you may still wonder what their “secret” is. What are they doing they you that you aren’t?

A big part of looking young and attractive is about frequent self-care. Some may think self-care is about treating themselves to a long bubble bath or painting their nails once a month. However, we’re here to talk about what you can do daily to keep your appearance young, healthy, and beautiful.


1. For the hair

Dandruff, a greasy scalp, dry and damaged locks, frizzy hair, split ends and breakage: Do any of these sound familiar? If you said yes, then the following tips may be able to help you out:

  • Wash the hair with quality shampoo and conditioner with warm water (every other day). Scrub the scalp with your fingertips gently. Only apply quarter drops of shampoo and conditioner to the scalp itself. For those with longer hair, ensure you’re especially cleansing the underlayers of the hair that often get missed.
  • Do not brush your hair when you get out of the shower. Only use a comb if you wish.
  • When out of the shower or bath, apply a hair mask, preferably one with coconut oil. Leave in for about 15 to 30 minutes, and wash out. The research found that coconut oil can replenish protein lost in damaged, frizzy hair. Coconut oil can also provide moisture and shine to the hair without creating a greasy look.
  • Pat your hair with a towel and let air dry. Style your hair as normal. Always use protective sprays prior to applying heat onto your hair.
  • Add a few drops of argan oil to the hair and scalp. This can promote hair growth and stronger, less brittle hair.


2. For the face

The face in your daily regimen is a big one. This means tackling dry or greasy skin, acne, and fine lines and wrinkles. For some, this may also mean tackling bags under the eyes, sensitive skin, or red spots on the face. Follow these best anti aging tips for a clean, clear, youthful face:

  • Start off with a high-quality facial cleanser. Rinse your face with warm water. Pat dry with a towel.
  • Exfoliate the face to remove dead skin cells. If your facial cleanser already contains microbeads or a gritty texture, you can skip this step.
  • Apply a toner to remove excess oils from the skin and cleanse the pores. This is especially ideal for oily, acne-prone skin.
  • In circular motions, apply pea-sized amounts of face moisturizer or an anti-wrinkle cream. Focus especially on the dry, loose regions that are prone to fine lines and wrinkles (e.g., corners of the eyes).
  • Finish by applying argan oil to the face if you suffer from dry, damaged skin.
  • At least once a week, apply a face mask on a clean face.
  • If you wear makeup, opt for products that are without chemicals, parabens, talc, and artificial colors or scents.
  • If you do not wear makeup, apply a chemical-free sunscreen to the face daily. Research has found that applying sunscreen daily can reduce signs of aging and premature aging.
  • Give your skin a breather from any makeup or face products from time to time.


3. For the neck and chest

For many, neck and chest wrinkles are viewed as an inevitable part of the aging process. But with the right daily regimen, these wrinkles may be able to be reduced or avoided at an earlier age. Consider the following:

  • In the bath/shower, ensure to clean the areas under the face: the neck, chest, shoulders, and other nearby regions. Avoid harsh soaps and rough scrubbing or brushes in these areas. The neck and chest have more delicate skin than, say, your legs or back. Treat skin in these areas with care.
  • For females, check to make sure you’re wearing the right bra. The wrong bra – too big, too small, too loose, too tight – may cause premature wrinkling or sagging of the chest.
  • After bathing, apply a thick anti-wrinkle moisturizer to the neck and chest area, especially one with hyaluronic acid. Make sure to get in all of the creases. Apply in small drops in a circular motion.
  • Apply a chemical-free sunscreen to the neck and chest area, especially if these areas will be exposed outdoors.


4. For the arms and hands

When it comes to a beauty regimen, some forget about the arms and hands. Yet, these two are important when it comes to overall beauty. Just the arms and hands can make one appear older if they don’t engage in the correct routine. Follow the latter tips and tricks for smooth, beautiful arms, hands, and even nails:

  • When bathing or washing your hands, don’t use bar soap on the arms or hands. Opt for water-soluble liquid soaps.
  • After bathing, apply a hand exfoliant to the hands to gently remove dead skin cells.
  • Once in the morning and once before bed, apply small amounts of hand cream. Apply a thick moisturizer to the arms.
  • If you suffer with dark spots on your arms or hands, use a dark spot remover to lighten the skin.
  • As for the nails, provide a regular clipping, and apply a daily moisturizer to the cuticles to keep nails strong.
  • Soak your nails daily or every other day in olive oil. If you suffer from nail fungus, consider applying tea tree oil with a cotton pad.
  • When working with drying dish detergents, cleaning products, and chemicals, always wear gloves.
  • Give your fingernails a breather from nail polishes and/or fake nails.


5. For the stomach

Of course, you can’t forget the stomach! In this case, there are both external and internal things to engage in to ensure a beautiful, strong abdomen. Here are some daily routines to engage in for a flat tummy:

· Begin your day with hot water with lemon. This can help alkaline the gut and flatten the stomach.

· Reduce your sodium and sugar intake, and consume more fiber.

· Take probiotics daily.

· Consume the right amount of calories. Too much or even too little of calories can cause excess bloating.

· Drink eight glasses of water each day. Water is an integral component of eliminating bloating and excess pounds.

· Take part in yoga, stretching, and/or daily ab exercises.

· To tone the stomach, reduce sagginess, and disappear any surgery scars (e.g., c-section), apply coconut oil twice daily.

6. For the legs and feet

Next up, let’s tackle the legs and feet. Even if you don’t often show these regions of the body, they too can show signs of aging. Plus, you can’t go wrong with a pinch of extra care. You’ll be showing off those lovely legs and feet in no time!

  • When bathing, use a loofah to scrub the legs and tops and bottoms of the feet. Ensure to clean in between the toes and tops of the toenails too. You may also want to use a foot callus buffer to remove thick, dry skin.
  • After bathing, ensure the feet especially are dry between each crevice. While dry but still soft from bathing, shave off extra dead skin with a foot file.
  • Apply a moisturizer to the legs daily. As for the feet, opt for a foot cream to apply to the tops and bottoms of each foot. Apply these creams twice daily, preferably after bathing, and of the feet, after filing.
  • Always apply warm water before/during shaving. Use a clean, quality razor and chemical-free shaving cream. After you’re finished shaving, apply cold water to close the pores and add smoothness to freshly-shaven legs.
  • As for the toenails, provide a regular clipping, and apply a daily moisturizer to the cuticles to keep nails strong.
  • Soak your toenails daily or every other day in olive oil. If you suffer from nail fungus, consider applying tea tree oil with a cotton pad.
  • Give your toenails a breather from nail polishes, socks, and shoes.


7. For a rejuvenated you inside and out

Apart from exfoliating, applying anti-wrinkle creams, and the like, remember that you are what you eat. If you want faster-growing hair, long nails, and skin with a healthy glow, it begins with your diet.

Lack of calories, poor food choices, and vitamin deficiencies can sometimes contribute to poor hair and skin. In fact, one study discovered associations with poor diet and dermatological conditions such as psoriasis.

That said, follow dietary guidelines designed for your specific age, height, weight, and overall health. Ensure you have a healthy balance of grains, vegetables, legumes, protein, and other food groups. Consider taking vitamins or mineral supplements to aid with any vitamin deficiencies.

Your skin, nails, and hair all require the proper vitamins and nutrients. If you aren’t getting them, you can’t expect to have a young, healthy appearance. If your gut is the reason you aren’t receiving enough nutrients, cleanse the gut via a detox.



From natural anti-wrinkle strategies to home remedies for cracked heels, there’s a lot you can do daily to appear youthful. It may seem tedious to engage in a daily beauty routine, but in the end, it’s worth it. One can’t achieve the proper results if they don’t do anything to earn them. It’s going to take time and effort to get the results you deserve.

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