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The Benefits of Letting Your Mind Wander

A lot of people stress about how productive they are each day. It’s an easy trap to fall into if you are running your own business. The success or failure of it rests on your shoulders, after all.

But even the most successful CEOs in the world don’t work every waking hour. They allow themselves to change focus in order to come back to their tasks rested and rejuvenated. In the same way, we need a good night’s sleep in order to feel refreshed enough to start another productive day, we also need some stress relief and changes of focus and of scenery to revitalize us.

Here are a few ways to shift focus in order to refresh your outlook.


Allow Yourself to Daydream

When we are children, we are allowed to let our imaginations run wild. But as soon as we are in school, daydreaming is discouraged in favor of logic. However, daydreams are the source of a great deal of inspiration in all areas of life, art, science, great inventions, and so on. “I wonder what would happen if….” is often the foundation of some really amazing breakthroughs.



As you doodle, you will often daydream, or think about your work or challenges you have been facing in a less stressed way. Sometimes the picture that you see in an otherwise random doodle can be the gateway to the solution you’ve been struggling with.



Adult coloring books are one of the most popular categories at Amazon. When we color, we are relaxing, having fun, and thinking about things in a calmer, less stressed way.


Create a Vision Board

A vision board is a bit like gathering images from your daydreams into one place. You can create a physical board with scissors, glue, photos, magazine clippings, and so on. Or you could go to a site like Pinterest and create virtual pinboards that inspire you. They can be items you need, places you want to go, images of what you would love your bedroom or home office to look like, and so on. Just beware of Pinterest — it is so much fun, it can be really addictive!


Sleep on Things

Some people keep a notebook and pen by the side of their bed. Before they go to sleep, they write down an issue they are working on. When they wake up the following morning, they jot down all the thoughts that have come to them overnight. By “sleeping on it,” they often solve problems they were stressing and straining over because their mind has wandered through the maze of sleep.


Take a Nature Walk

A walk at your favorite beauty spot will get you out of the house and office, the two main “pressure cookers” of most people’s lives. This will instantly help you stress less. As you are walking, you will also be letting your mind wander, which can lead to all new ways of solving problems, making connections, and getting inspiration for more products and projects that will build on your foundation of success.



To meditate means to think. Spend some time each day observing your thoughts as if they are clouds passing across the sky. Don’t judge, just notice them. Soon you will start to become more familiar with your thought patterns and be able to get go of bad things that happened in your past as you focus on a happier present and future.

All of these activities are great for when you need to regroup and “lose focus” for a while. Your productivity will improve if you let your mind wander now and again.

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