The Balancing Act of Starting Your Own Business

Embarking on any new venture – and especially your own business is always exciting. There is energy, enthusiasm, motivation and you just can’t wait to get started and be on the road.

But soon you’ll realize exhaustion and energy slumps become part of this journey, too. You need to display a variety of skills to be successful. And, there is so much you need to know in so many areas which often become overwhelming. You slip up here and there, and when you do not even know where to look for some of the answers it is easy to just – well – pretend those issues do not exist. But avoiding these does not help as a festering issue is likely to raise its head just when you do not want it to.

The Solution: You need to know when it is time to ask for help.

Doing a Self-Inventory

So how do you figure out in your never-ending ‘To-Do’ list what needs to be delegated, and what can be outsourced? It is time to put on some nice music, arm yourself with a cup of good coffee, and get down to a bit of planning – categorize your articles into three groups:

  • I am good at, and love doing
  • I hate doing and you must put a gun to my head to get myself to do this
  • I may or may not like it – but only I can do it

This should get you feeling just a bit calmer. Now – it’s about reducing some of that mountain of ‘To Do’ tasks by asking for help in areas that you need to.

Cost. Cost. Cost.

Cost? You think. I do not have the money to hire someone? But think again. It is already costing you. When you try to do everything yourself, you are already paying the cost in terms of family time, feeling irritated, and losing time (and someone one wise said time is money). Chances are – what you do not like doing is what you are probably not very good at – hence it takes you much longer to do those tasks. Or, it can even be that getting someone else to do it frees your time which ultimately can be used for something more lucrative.

Business Support: Hiring a Business Mentor, Advisor or Coach

A business mentor or coach will keep you on track. They will help you come up with a business plan and a strategic goal for your business – then break down your business goals into small do-able actions and assist you in keeping you accountable to these smaller goals. This is invaluable as the big picture/small picture goal helps to keep you on track. It will help you work with focus and the frequent check-in will ensure you are self-correcting as you travel the road, and not wait for the mistakes to build up to an extent that you are knocked right off the road.

Emotional Support

Whereas being a solopreneur is exciting, it is also tough and lonely at the same time. Unbiased support from your cheerleaders and support team is invaluable. The family will become even more important as keeping them informed of business decisions will help them feel inclusive and likely to be more supportive of any setbacks.

Meet-ups are a great way to gather support from like-minded people who are either going through or have traveled the same road you are traveling. And of course, your precious ‘Me’ time must be carved into your schedule as well. What really helps you feel good about yourself and de-stresses you? At least five (5) of these items should be on your list so that you can choose any one of them to ground yourself.

All of this will make the choice of going solo so much more aligned with your values and the reasons for going solo in the first place.  Getting help when you need will be one of the wisest decisions you make for yourself and your business.

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