The Art of Pasta

Pasta has been doomed to be bad for us due to our recent obsession with health and counting carbs. I don’t believe there is anything bad about something that makes you feel like home. That is why I fell in love with Italy. People are not consumed by trends and eating good food is about the experience. Being surrounded by family and friends while sitting around a table, that is where happiness lives.

Variety and Versatility of Pasta

Pasta is one of the most versatile dishes on the planet and it helps that it taste amazing. It has to do with the gluten and texture which absorbs any flavor. Pasta is so much more than spaghetti and meatballs and expanding our horizons can lead to some new favorite discoveries. Every day families all over the world sit around the table

Asola -Spaghettone by Chef Matteo Toretta

enjoying their favorite pasta dishes. Pasta shapes add even more variety and it really depends on what dish you have in mind. Kids love those bowtie shapes and will literally eat any ingredients if you add fun shaped pasta.

Let’s Cook

We decided to reach out to our friends at Hrogn AS to ask for few recipes featuring pasta and bottarga:

Spaghetti cold butter bottarga and chives:

Ingredients for 4 people (tasting)

  • 60g of fine spaghetti
  • 80g soft butter
  • 35g of bottarga
  • 1 tablespoon chives
  • 1 lemon


Work the butter with the by whipping it until creamy. Add the bottarga and chives and set aside.Cook the thin noodles very al dente and stir them with cooking water or fish stock, then stir in the soft butter creating an emulsion. Roll in nest and serve. Finish with fresh lemon zest.

Health Benefits

The bad rap that pasta started around 2010 and we all suffered from gluten allergies. There are percentage people who are sensitive to this ingredient, but it is not 100% made up of that dreaded word. There is nothing wrong with becoming health conscious, but it is important to always examine all of the facts. Pasta is deliciously nutritious and there is nothing in this world that can stop me from enjoying it.

Homemade ravioli

No Cholesterol

It is completely cholesterol free, which makes it a good ingredient for those who are struggling with cholesterol issues. Even if you are not in that category as yet, it is always a good idea to steer clear of what could lead to a heart condition. This is a great opportunity to get your iron and B-vitamins in, with very little health risk.

The Last Bite

One simple ingredient that can feed the masses, without tasting like bread and butter, wins in my books. I have found such pleasure in experimenting with new dishes, which I will share some more of. Pasta is one of the most versatile and hearty ingredients that has been around for generations and will be for many more.

Semone Noel, a transplant New Yorker, born and raised in Brooklyn by Caribbean parents. After moving to Italy and discovering the Italian Sweet Life for herself. She created the food & wine blog, named one of the top 50 gastronomy blogs in summer 2017 by Facebook. Inc. To view the original article please visit


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