The 6 apps you need to download In 2019

The best thing about smartphones is that we can download the applications and entertain ourselves without spending much. Everyday dozens of applications are developed by app developers and uploaded on the App Store or Play Store for people to download them. All of these applications are not worth downloading, but some are better than the others. In this article, we are going to be talking about the best applications you need to download in 2019.

Are The Best Applications This Year?

We cannot really specify a single genre; we would be talking about the best applications generally for you to download this year.

  1. MasterClass:

MasterClass is an
application on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. Through this application
you can take a various kinds of lessons that includes; cookery, acting,
creative writing, etc. You must be thinking that there are many applications
that serve the users with the same lessons, so what is special in this
application? The thing that is most special in this application is that through
this application you would be able to learn things from the best people in
specific businesses. So if you are interested in cookery; you can learn it from
the best chefs.

If we elaborate this thing
then, if you download this application then you would be able to learn cookery
from Gordon Ramsay, tennis from Serena Williams, filmmaking from Martin
Scorsese or photography from Annie Leibovitz.

If you are looking for a face to face or an interactive lesson then no app can do that! Applications are supposed to provide ease for the users and that is why you can find video lessons from the best people around the globe. These videos are created in such a way that you can easily pick things and go along with them. With the videos, there is other material available of the application as well i.e. workbooks.

2. KineMaster:

Are you fond of video editing? If so, the best application for you to edit your videos is KineMaster. This application is considered the most powerful video editor that you have ever used on your Android or iOS phone. Despite being a much powerful video editing application, this application is also intuitive enough so anyone can enjoy its usage.

This application allows
you to perform a bunch of tasks, including; adding audio filters, visual
filters, stickers, text and other overlays to the footage. You can further trim
and alter the video frame by frame, add transition effects, adjust the speed,
etc. The most convenient thing for the users is that you can make videos from
the application itself.

This application is free for users, both Android and iOS. The issue here is that if you use the free version of this application then all of the videos edited on this application would have a watermark of KineMaster, and you cannot use such videos commercially. If you want to use the videos commercially then you can unlock additional features i.e. effects and overlays. To do so, you would have to subscribe to this application. The subscription cost of this application is £2.91/month.

3. Moment – Pro Camera:

Moment is a camera application that you can find in both Google Play Store and iOS App Store. This application is considered as one of the best camera applications as it is packed of manual controls for you. Due to these manual controls, you can click pictures according to your preferences. This application is a little bit difficult to use as you would have to master the manual settings while using a camera.

You can have full manual control while using this application, which includes; RAW shooting, ISO, shutter speed, focus, white balance and exposure control. This application also possesses the features of tap to focus, timer, grid and various different lenses.

4. IGTV:

IGTV is the application that most of the Instagram users ever wanted. The active users of Instagram know the pain that they have to bear as they can only upload or watch videos with 1 minute length. IGTV is the application by Instagram where you can watch and upload longer videos up to an hour length. The videos available on IGTV are in full-screen portrait mode that makes it easy for you to hold your phone while watching the videos.

You won’t have to make an account on IGTV again; you can easily login to the application by using your Instagram account credentials. You will be able to see the videos by everyone you have followed on the Instagram. This application just works like the Instagram.

5. PhotoDirector:

PhotoDirector is considered as one of the best picture editing application. The camera of your phone might be amazing but there are quite many chances that the camera of your mobile phone doesn’t have the necessary picture editing tools. You can adjust the settings, including; saturation, tone, colours and white balancing of the picture that you have captured before. You can also add effects and filters to edit you pictures according to your own preferences. Other than this, you can add stickers, text, frames, mirror the image, and change the perspective, cut sections, etc. of in your pictures.

6. Lens Distortions:

Lens Distortions is an application available on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. This application lets you add effects to your pictures that are the most natural. Instead of adding the effects that look artificial, if you add effects from this application they would be as if you haven’t added anything at all. The effects in this application include; rain, fog, snow and sunlight effects. The interface of this application is very user friendly and intuitive. Once you have edited your pictures, they can be saved in your phone or shared on the social media.


You must not miss out on the applications
discussed above, so go to the Google Play Store or iOS App Store and download
these applications.

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