How Technology Can Help You Improve Your Health


It doesn’t require extreme research to conclude that our lifestyle today is different from how it was centuries ago. Innovations involving technology are rapidly increasing in every industry. This technological revolution, as some would call it, has introduced the shift from “big fish eats the small fish” to “fast fish eats the slow fish.” The health industry is no stranger to these changes, where it is important to use a technology integrator to be able to keep up with these innovations. Most of these improvements aim for one thing, “how do we make it more convenient?”

Convenience vs. Better
One of the things that can be observed with the various innovations to different products is that there is almost always a device or item that will make every task easier. Some tasks we don’t even have to do at all. We move less and think less; we are more likely to depend on our devices, and most of the time this enforces the stigma that technological improvements are harmful.

Importance of Technology Integration to Health
This is where the technology integrator comes in. Innovations in the health industry involving technology integration enable the industry to grow at the same rate as the other industries. The major contribution of technology to the health industry is accessibility.

  1. Access to Reliable Information. The rise of the internet gave us an endless supply of medical records that are not easily accessible before. In this scenario, the internet serves as our technology integrator. Improvements to how websites are designed also enable us to confirm which resources are credible and reliable. This increases our awareness and knowledge of what being healthy is. This also helps us communicate with our doctors and nurses. If we are able to explain what it is that we are feeling and what we are going through, it is easier for our doctors to assess what needs to be done.
  2. Access to Self-help Support. Helping yourself is not always easy. Sometimes we know what we need to do but can’t get the motivation to do it or can’t sustain it once we’ve started it. There are websites, applications, and equipment that can be used according to a person’s lifestyle to ensure that overall fitness is improved without breaking the bank. These include applications that monitor menstrual cycles, sleeping patterns, food intake, and other aspects that anyone would want to monitor. There are also applications that would send exercise reminders or help develop exercise and diet regimes according to the individual’s resources. Deviating from the physical aspect of fitness, some websites and applications also focus on being a technology integrator for the mental and emotional wellness of the individual.
  3. Exercise vs. Games. Technology not only gives us access to resources that can help us be healthier, but it has also provided us with ways on how we can improve our sedentary lifestyles without feeling it. Games as a technology integrator focus on the involvement of the “fun-factor” which makes exercise less dreadful and is more likely to keep people active.
  4. Better Research. Technology has given us the ability to create better research models, techniques, and methods. Improvements in research give us the foundation to solve the present issues in the industry.
  5. Improved Equipment and Instruments. Cross-industry innovations have made it possible for more disabled people to access instruments and equipment that will help them cope with the expectations of the current society. We have 3-D printed prosthetic arms, developments in transplant technologies and even 3-D printed body parts.
    These are only some of the improvements that technology was able to contribute to our health. It is important that in our journey to being fit and healthy, we keep ourselves informed and aware of the various issues that we may encounter, as well as consequences of our current lifestyle to our overall health. Always remember that when in doubt, consult your doctor.

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