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Tech in the Bathroom: Gadgets for Good Hygiene and Health

If somebody mentions gadgets and technology in your home, the first thing on your mind would probably be TVs, computers, and maybe some cool kitchen gadgets. Believe it or not, there’s plenty of room for gadgets in the bathroom as well. True, the majority of such gadgets are meant to create a more soothing or entertaining atmosphere. However, there are also many smart gadgets that are created for the purpose of improving your health and hygiene. So, if this sounds like something that could benefit you, here are a couple of gadgets that might interest you.


Smart faucets

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Faucets of the future will make washing hands and brushing teeth much easier and safer. Most of them have an inbuilt motion sensor so you don’t have to touch them in order to use them. This is more sanitary, especially in public bathrooms where faucets are used by more than a few people every day.  Some faucets can also control water temperature, which is great if you have kids since there’s a lower chance of them getting burned by accident. There are also many faucets that come with timers that automatically stop the flow of water when they aren’t in use. This can be useful when brushing your teeth or shaving, as many of us are often too lazy to do it manually every time.


Germ eliminators

Most of us are used to the usual soap dispensers, even though we know that they can be a breeding ground for germs if not cleaned frequently. Luckily, one of the hygienic gadgets of the future is meant to fix that problem – a touch-free soap dispenser. It’s much more convenient, and it prevents the spread of germs. Speaking of germs, you should also consider getting a toothbrush sanitizer. It can clean your toothbrush in about seven minutes, which might not be as convenient when you’re in a rush for work, but it can still come in handy if you include it into your daily routine.


Smart toilets

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Nowadays, toilets have more than a few upgrades that can help you preserve water and save some money. However, there are also many upgrades that can help you preserve your health. For example, there are toilets with heated seats, which is definitely something we would all love to have during the colder months. It might not make a huge impact on your physical health, but not feeling that painful moment of expectation of a cold seat right before you sit down would surely calm your mind a bit. You should also consider getting quality bidet seats, as they offer you all the benefits of the usual bidets without having to move from your seat. Finally, some toilets have both motion sensors and voice recognition systems, which means that you can do all your deeds without ever touching your toilet with your hands.


Refrigerated bathroom cabinets

Not many of us keep a cold drink in a bathroom, mainly because that’s not where the fridge is. However, if you did have a fridge in your bathroom, wouldn’t you like to have a refreshing drink to go with your hot bubble bath? Well, this technological advancement allows just that, and much more. By installing a refrigerated bathroom cabinet, you’d be able to keep your favorite drink within arm’s reach at all times. As for the health aspect, most people keep medicine, cosmetics, and other body-care products in their bathroom cabinets, and by having a refrigerated bathroom cabinet, all those items would last much longer. In other words, you wouldn’t have to worry about anything expiring before its time just because it’s been left in a warm room.


Radiant flooring

This one isn’t exactly new but it’s very often overlooked. However, if you tend to have cold feet and thus prefer to cover your bathroom in mats, it might be a lifesaver. Installing a heating system under your bathroom tiles would keep the room warm at all times – including the floor, which sometimes not even the best heaters can keep warm properly. Just make sure to get a system with a Wi-Fi thermostat, so you can adjust the temperature easily from your phone.


If you want to create a bathroom that is not only stylish but also healthy, then adding a few gadgets can be one of the best ways to take your bathroom to a whole new level. From motion sensors to voice control, there are many technological inventions that can make your bathroom look like it came out of a sci-fi dream. So, do your research, choose the gadgets that suit your lifestyle, and getting ready in the morning will become something you will actually look forward to.

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