Sales Funnels for Coaches

Jac Bowie
  Do your clients move predictably from one product to the next, allowing you to accurately calculate your expected income from month to month? Or do you experience radical ups and downs, with some months high and others…well, pretty low?...

Virtual Summits: Show Off Your Expertise

Jac Bowie
  There’s a reason why so many top coaches and service providers are hosting virtual summits: they’re the perfect way to showcase your expertise…even if you think you don’t have any. Seriously, everyone is an expert in something, but if...

Three Powerful Tools That Make Hosting a Virtual Conference Easy

Jac Bowie
  Ask any online event organiser or host what her biggest struggle is, and she’ll nearly always say it’s technology. From not knowing what apps to use to not understanding how they work to fighting to connect them with each...