Personal Branding

Achieve personal power, influence, and impact by owning your brand.

Jon Michail
If you don’t take control of your personal brand image, others will.   For the last three odd decades, I’ve been reading remarkably similar stories about how the equal pay gap has not closed for women. A recent report, based...

Overbranded and undersold: The problem with online branding today.

Jon Michail
Many people believe that a personal brand is something for celebrities. They don’t think that they need one, and even worse, they don’t realise that no matter who they are, they already have one. Your personal brand is the way...

Or how to supercharge your resume and land your dream job.

Jon Michail
What’s wrong with your resume? Well, a lot, actually, if you’re like most people I know. I’m sorry, but there it is. The problem starts in school. Career advisors coach us in presenting a resume that is professional, to the...