graphic design

Meet style guru Diane Penelope.

Jac Bowie
Since meeting Diane Penelope over 7 years ago at a mutual friends birthday, we clicked. She’s been designing my logos and websites for years. Why? Because she just gets it. I’ve never met a designer who truly gets the feminine...

Top 10 tools for doing your own graphics

Jac Bowie
  If you’re like me and NOT a designer, it can be a costly exercise making your graphics look good. Whilst I absolutely recommend getting yourself a great designer, here are some tools to help you with the other little...

15 great online courses for online marketing

Jac Bowie
  As we go live with our Marketing Bootcamp today, it’s given me an opportunity to think about the great courses I have done or come across online, that help online marketers and business owners. Here’s 15 of my favourites...