7 Tips to grow on Instagram quickly

Nicholas G. Muscat
With well over a billion users Instagram has easily become the new platform of choice for businesses and influences alike. Over 80% of accounts on Instagram are following at least one business account so let’s learn how to leverage this

Conversions: Less Volume, More Results

Sarah Mullen
Numbers don’t matter as much as results. Focus on conversion strategies over building volume. Because if you’re not setup to convert, the volume won’t help you one bit. Think About How Hard You Work to Get Traffic Getting traffic isn’t

Online Sales Plunging? You Might Not Be Segmenting Your Customers

Sarah Mullen
  So you have spent countless hours designing and creating your perfect product. You have even made a few bucks from your e-commerce store. But are your sales not taking off as as you expected? If this is your situation,

Are LinkedIn Endorsements Credible? 3 Reasons Why You Should Do Them Anyway

Sarah Mullen
Every week or so, I’ll get an endorsement from someone I barely know on LinkedIn. LinkedIn’s Endorsement tool has been around since 2012 and reported over 1 billion endorsements just one year after launching. The tool offers subscribers an opportunity

Does Your LinkedIn Ad Grab The Attention Of Others?

Sarah Mullen
What makes one ad bring in sales better than another? We’ve all seen ads that grab our attention and we can’t wait to learn more. We’ve also seen ads that leave us speechless, wondering what the heck the advertiser was

Advantages of Promoting Business Through Twitter and LinkedIn

Sarah Mullen
Advertising through social networking websites is an important strategy of online marketing. This method of advertising is known as Social Media Marketing. Working on advertising campaigns on sites like Twitter and LinkedIn will pave a large path into expanding a

Get More Twitter Followers That Make Sense

Sarah Mullen
Do you ever wonder how some businesses generate a large following on Twitter? Creating a Twitter account for your small business can be simple. In fact, any business that has internet connection can create one in minutes. However, getting a

Building and Solidifying Your Relationships With Influencers

Jac Bowie
  You have probably heard something about influencers. You may have some idea about what defines an influencer but your knowledge may not go beyond that. One thing that is very important to remember is that influencers are critical to