Digital marketing

7 Tips to grow on Instagram quickly

Nicholas G. Muscat
With well over a billion users Instagram has easily become the new platform of choice for businesses and influences alike. Over 80% of accounts on Instagram are following at least one business account so let’s learn how to leverage this...

4 Ways to Boost Results and Meet Your Marketing Goals

Tabitha Jean Naylor
As technology continues to advance, and digital marketing along with it, businesses are struggling to stay competitive. Are you having trouble with your marketing strategy? Here are four proven ways to improve your campaign and meet your marketing goals:  ...

Ten most overused words in small business

Angela Henderson
The words ‘mumpreneur’ and ‘hustle’ are the most overused and despised words in business according to a poll of 830 small business people.   Poll results The most overused cringe-worthy word with 28% (mostly women in business) hates ‘mumpreneur’ seeing...