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SEO and Simple Improvements to Your Website

Sarah Mullen
SEO for your website is a very controversial issue, some work tirelessly at it others think it’s a waste of time. There are still many companies offering to get you ranked on Google page one for your chosen keywords. For

The Recipe for Creating a Viral Video Worthy of Massive Views

Sarah Mullen
What is it about a video that makes it go viral? Of course, videos featuring celebrities easily generate thousands of views within days. However, for the video uploaded by the average Joe or Jane, it takes a certain attention-grabbing element

A Beginner’s Guide To Online Video Marketing

Sarah Mullen
More entrepreneurs are making use of online video marketing to improve their website traffic, get more leads and to make more sales. It’s no secret that the vast majority of successful internet entrepreneurs use videos for marketing, sales, and communication.

Video Content Speaks Louder Than Words

Sarah Mullen
The content-heavy marketing tactic is losing its charm in digital marketing, as a result of which more and more businesses are responding by fashioning new ways of telling stories. Moreover, businesses are changing their digital marketing approach by becoming more

Why Using Impersonal LinkedIn Invitations Doesn’t Work

Sarah Mullen
There is a high probability that you are using the various popular social media channels to increase your business interactions, including LinkedIn. You may be involved with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and some of the other popular social media channels, if

Six Basic Mistakes That You Must Avoid on Twitter

Sarah Mullen
Being a small or medium sized business if you are promoting your brand on Twitter, then ensure that you are not doings any of the following mistakes and if you have done already, then try to make it correct as

Top 10 tools for doing your own graphics

Jac Bowie
  If you’re like me and NOT a designer, it can be a costly exercise making your graphics look good. Whilst I absolutely recommend getting yourself a great designer, here are some tools to help you with the other little