Business Coach

3 things I stopped, so I could have more peace

Sharyn Swan
I opened my day by journalling on a story that is super old. I can feel the last layers of their impact are asking for acknowledgement and release as I step into a new season. In doing this, not only...

Why every entrepreneur needs a power statement and how to make one that works

Alejandra 'Alex' Love
How many times have you had this conversation at a networking event?!? Stranger: Hi, what do you do? You: I’m an XYZ at ABC Corporation S: Oh, so you (insert oversimplified, incorrect summary here) Y: No, I’m an XYZ at...

Balance in Business and Life

Suzzanne Laidlaw
‘Life ain’t always easy and it ain’t always fair, but there’s beauty in every day. You just have to know where to look.’ – Ellery Adams So you’ve got a business, a loving and supportive family, a roof over your head and food on the...