Stressed out From Work? Here’s How to Relax Your Mind

There’s no real way to avoid stress. It builds up with every deadline, every time somebody cuts you off when driving and every time you’re running late for work, but your keys are simply lost somewhere in your apartment. So, when stress starts getting to you, you need to find a way to blow off some steam and relax a bit. Here are some ways to do that.

Get enough rest

This is one of the most important things you should do for yourself and your health, physical as well as mental. If you don’t sleep enough and you overwork yourself, you’ll be tense and edgy, which means that it will be even more difficult to deal with any stressful situation you find yourself in. So, create a habit of going to bed at a certain time, so that you get at least seven or eight hours of sleep a night and make sure you’re comfortable in your bed, since your sleep should be soothing and restful.  Also, when you feel overwhelmed by your job, take a power nap, since 10 minutes of shutting your mind off can clear your thoughts and do wonders for your productivity. Plus, and this is the most important thing, a nap will calm you down and relax you.

Be active

Endorphins produced while you exercise can significantly improve your mood, lift your spirits and relax your body and mind. About half an hour a day will do just fine, and you don’t even have to exercise too vigorously. Think about taking up yoga, Pilates or simply take a walk in the park. The green shades of nature and the blue of the sky can reduce anxiety and leave you feeling refreshed, so do your best to exercise outside whenever you can. Some of the best outdoor exercise options are jogging, hiking or cycling. The first two don’t require any special equipment, and as for cycling, you don’t even have to go and look for a bike any more. You can simply use your office computer to find amazing bicycles online and have them delivered to your front door. Also, if you like dancing, sign up for dance classes, since dancing can be beneficial to your overall health, while helping you relax.

Have a cup of tea

This is another option for relaxing your mind. Having a cup of loose leaf tea can help you in more ways than one. Not only will the time you set aside for drinking your tea lift your mood, but the choice of tea can augment the relaxing properties of the ritual. Chamomile, lemon balm or lavender tea will do wonders in reducing stress, so they’re perfect for that short break you have during your workday. On the other hand, valerian or passionflower tea could help you fall asleep or even sedate you, so opt for those when you’re at home and have time to rest.

Take vitamins and supplements

There are certain vitamins and supplements that can be of great assistance when fighting stress. One of them is vitamin B6, which helps synthesize serotonin, a chemical in our brains that leaves us happy and stress-free. B6, as well as other B-complex vitamins, can be found in poultry, meat, fish and various kinds of fruit and vegetables. Omega-3 fats found mostly in fish are great for fighting anxiety and stress, while vitamin C, which can be found in many fruits and vegetables, will help boost your immunity, as well as your mood. Furthermore, walking outside and spending time in the sun will activate vitamin D in your body, which is important, since its deficiency may lead to depression and cause you additional stress.

Find time for yourself

If you don’t find time for yourself often enough, then nothing makes much sense. Ok, yes, you have to work, but there’s no point in any of it if work is all you do. So, whenever possible, take some time to do the things you love. Listen to music in your car and in your office, get tickets for your favorite band’s concert, or even go to a classical music concert. Spend time with your friends and family, since socializing with the right people can really relieve you of stress. Have a cup of coffee or tea at your favorite café or your best friend’s flat. Watch a nice film or read a good book to detach yourself from the problems that bother you daily. And if you have a pet, cuddle with it to relax.

As stressful as everyday life can be, there are always ways to reset your mind and relax. Nothing is more important than your own wellbeing and your health, which includes the state of your mind. So, find the way that works for you and start helping yourself today.

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