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Strategy for better sleep

Do you ever have nights you don’t sleep well because you’re feeling stressed?

Or maybe you have nights you don’t sleep so well and you’re not sure why.

Most times those restless nights are also due to stress, but we don’t realize it’s stress. It’s so common to be stressed these days that we may not even realize how stressed we are!

I teach my clients a strategy to help them sleep better… and it works.

It’s deceptively simple… but it works.

Put your worries in the box.

I told you it was simple. Because it doesn’t need to be complex. Those thought simply pop into your head. So we, with a little discipline, and simply pop them into the box for when they might actually be useful – which is not in the middle of the night.

You could grab a physical box if you like. Or simply in your own imagination, put those worries in a box. Then close the box, wrap it with a ribbon and tie a bow on it. Then push the box to the side until morning.

You can then feel free to not think about them overnight. Here’s why…

I guarantee, if you still want your worries in the morning, they will be there waiting for you. They won’t go anywhere, I promise.

In the meantime, you slept through the night.

And because you’re rested from having a worry-free sleep, you will be in good mental shape to more effectively deal with those worries if needed.

Seriously, being tired usually makes problems seem worse than they are; and less manageable. You can’t think as effectively when you’re tired.

Losing sleep because you’re thinking about problems helps no-one (like not a single person will benefit from you doing that.) On the contrary, many people, especially you, will benefit from a more rested, happier you.

If you’re concerned that you’re going to forget something that needs to be remembered, write it on a piece of paper (it’s not so practical to do this part in your imagination so actually write your reminder on a piece of paper) and add it into the box of worries.

It too shall be waiting for you in the morning, I promise.

Of course, there can be other reasons for broken sleep, like if you have a young child. That’s a different problem with a different solution.

If you’re not getting enough sleep for no good reason, or if you know that stress is the cause…

Put those worries in a box and get the rest you need.

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