Strategy Coach advice: Simplify your life in 10 Easy Steps

As a Strategy Coach based in Sydney I’m often asked by women in business trying to juggle running a business and all their other responsibilities how they can make their life easier and free up their time to focus on what they love to do. I find myself repeatedly asking clients:

Do you want to manage your anxiety and stress?

To stop being overwhelmed?

To learn how to organise yourself better?

To reclaim your time and energy – and get on with what you want to do in life today?

When I kept hearing yes to these questions I created a 10 Step Action Plan full of simple, yet life changing strategies that are easy to action. I’d love to share this Plan with you as it’s been very helpful to my clients. Here are my top ten tips to simplify and streamline your life today. I’ve kept them short and sweet so you can action them straight away.

1.In the AM start your day with 10 MINS of meditation, 10 MINS of stretching and set an intention for the day. Create time for yourself before the day starts and you start giving energy away to other people.

2. Block your tasks and do similar activities in a block of time to avoid multi-tasking and feeling scattered. Create structure in your day by instilling a sense of discipline to stop yourself from being distracted or procrastinating.

3. Make sure your communication channels are clean i.e. communicate your needs and desires clearly and be understood the 1st time.

4. Limit/Manage/Remove time wasters in your life. These may be people or activities. Identify what drains your energy and make a decision – where does this activity/person need to go? Ask yourself, should I be seeing them less often or doing a particular activity less often if it does not energise me?

5. Ask yourself, what do I really love doing? What are my values? Shift towards spending more time doing what you love and the things that are not as important (to you) will fall away.

6. Don’t try and be all things to all people. If you can pick 2 roles for yourself that you want to focus on in the next 6 months, what would they be? Focus on these, visualise yourself doing well and setting yourself up well for the future. For example, over the next 6 months I want to focus on being a great partner and setting up my business.

7. As a Strategy Coach I’d like to ask you – are you giving away too much energy to other people and if so, why? People pleasing, not having a strong sense of passion or purpose could be factors. Identify who you are helping the most and are there any recurring problems here that you need to address? How can you manage your relationships better in the future? Practise communicating your expectations as well as your limitations in all your relationships.

8. Incorporate mindfulness practice into your daily life. Monitor your thoughts and start to observe them – are they helping or hindering you? Stop wasting time on negative thinking and emotional dysregulation and outbursts.

9. Set aside 1 day per week to spend at least 1 hour for envisioning your future. Revise your plans if need be and think about what you need to do to make your dreams happen. If you are not yet working on your own business, start working on your side hustle so you can transition into working for yourself.

10. Create more reflective time in your schedule to journal and practise gratitude. This will help you to focus on what the sweet spots in your life are. When you take the first steps to simplify your life the stress of being too busy or disorganised will fall away.


I hope you’ve found my top ten tips useful and you’re welcome to reach out if you’re thinking that a Strategy Coach may be useful to guide you to reach your goals faster in other ways. I am a Sydney based Women in Business Mentor and Coach and offer a Platinum Package to clients in Sydney, interstate and around the world. You can email me at to inquire about my FREE Discovery Sessions to see whether we’re a good fit.You can visit my website to find out more about my Success and Strategy Coaching Platinum Packages here: See you soon! PATRICIA


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Patricia Kaziro

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