Strategies to get you the best candidates in no time

Just imagine – you have done rigorous research and shortlisted a few candidates for an opening that you have. Among them, there is one person that you especially like. Obviously, it took some time to do the research and you finally get the chance to call the candidate. Guess what, they already got hired by someone else.

Research says you only have 10 days before the best candidates get hired by your competitors. If you are worried that you will miss out on good candidates, then trust me, you are not alone. 42% of employers share the same fear.

Today, we will discuss some strategies to help you get the candidate you want and at the same time, decrease your time to hire.

Have You Tried Social Media Yet?

Yes, social media is the perfect channel for hiring. You may be surprised to learn that 92% of recruiters get their best talent from social media. Studies say that chances are less that employees hired from LinkedIn will leave the company within the first six months.

So, go ahead and start searching on social media.

Employee Referral System

If you think your job posts will get you the maximum number of resumes in your inbox, then you are wrong. It’s a proven fact that many candidates get to know about a job opening mainly from employee referrals. Therefore, if you are not using this strategy, then you are surely missing out on a lot of candidates.

Remember, your employees’ networks will only widen your talent pool.

Why Don’t You Give Your Candidate an Amazing Hiring Experience?

Gone are the days when hiring was just a cumbersome process. Candidates these days expect more from the companies they consider joining. You can get help on this from platforms like Candidate Rewards. They can provide you with real-time insights on what candidates want.

These strategies can save you time and help you close more candidates. And you can use Candidate Rewards for smart hiring. Meanwhile, keep this infographic handy for your next recruitment effort.

Minimize Your Time to Hire with These Awesome Strategies

Image courtesy: CandidateRewards


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