5 Strategies for Effective Seasonal Marketing Campaigns

While some of your marketing strategies work year round, there’s a good chance you have products or services that you only want to focus on during particular times of the year. But when every brand is trying to capitalize on the current season, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. No matter if it’s Christmas time or the the middle of summer, tapping into the current season can be a great way to connect with customers and boost your brand.

Try out these 5 tips to make sure your seasonal marketing campaign has a powerful impact on your audience.

Always Plan Ahead

You probably don’t want to think about Halloween before you close the pool this summer, but in the marketing world, seasons change quickly and you need to be prepared for what’s next. Especially in the later part of the year when there’s a quick succession of multiple holidays, things tend to get crazy and it’s easy to fall short of your goals if you don’t have a plan to stick to. You never want to find yourself scrambling to catch up and strategize mid-season, so take some time to plan things out in advance and know exactly when things should begin and when they’ll transition.

Set Goals

Your marketing strategy should always have a few important goals to strive for, but it’s equally important to set and define specific goals related to your seasonal campaigns. When your marketing for a particular product revolves around a holiday or a short period of time, you’re working with a very limited span of time to get substantial results. When you have goals specifically related to your seasonal campaigns, you’ll be able to ensure that each and every piece of content you produce contributes to reaching the desired result.

Have Fun With It

Make sure your seasonal campaign doesn’t just turn into a giant sales pitch that promotes your product. You’ll want to keep creating valuable and engaging content with a seasonal spin that your audience can enjoy. This is especially important around Christmas time when everyone is already overwhelmed by the number of advertisements they see. Try creating a fun poll about the season – ask about favorite Halloween costume or side dish at holiday meals. If you have a day where employees dress up for Halloween or hold a company Christmas party, you can share pictures or even host a brief live video from the event. Remember it can be a really stressful time of the year for many people and everyone is being bombarded by advertisements all the time, so make sure you have some light-hearted seasonal fun too.

Netflix did a series of polls to engage with users and find out what holiday movie was the overall favorite.

Don’t Forget about Smaller Holidays

Halloween, Christmas, and New Years are all big dates that are hard to miss, but what about other fun dates that tie into the current season? There are tons of themed days such as Pi Day on March 14 and International Cocoa Day on December 13 that you can work into your strategy to boost engagement and break up all the posts that are centered around the main holiday. Check out National Day Calendar to get some ideas.

Use User-Generated Content

Use the seasons to drive engagement by encouraging users to share their photos with you. Ask your audience to share how they celebrate Christmas or post their best beach pictures while working your product or niche into the theme. You can even come up with a prize for the best entry and share photos in your story for extra engagement.

Use a Consistent Theme

Be consistent in your seasonal marketing campaign. Stick to one or two seasonal hashtags. You don’t want to do too much and confuse your audience by adding too much noise to your posts.

Budweiser is great at incorporating different seasons into their marketing campaign. For the holiday season, they added a single hashtag to their posts and gave their ads a holiday theme while staying true to their brand.

When your marketing is in tune with the seasons, your seasonal products will get the attention they deserve on social media. When all everyone sees are ads, don’t forget to take a step back and enjoy the seasons for what they are with engaging posts – they’ll definitely appreciate it.

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