Boost Your ROI

Strategic Ways to Build Your Fan Base and Boost Your ROI

When you have a larger fan base it means that more people trust you. When more people trust you, and you put offers in front of them, your ROI will increase as your fan base increases. Let’s look at a few ideas to build your fan base to bigger heights.


Build Groups with Engagement

You can build groups and communities using a variety of technology. You can use Facebook groups,, and to build a group that you regularly engage with. You can even build private groups using private software and charge a membership fee. But, you must build engagement. This means you need to participate regularly with the members. Start conversations, answer questions, add video, invite them to other platforms, and more.


Offer Several Freebies

One way to build a fan base is to regularly offer freebies to different segments of your audience depending on where they are in the buying cycle. You can use private label rights information as freebies, or you can create your own (or both). The way to do this is to always give away the “why” your audience should do something, but save the “how” for paid products and services.


Host Regular Webinars

Your audience wants to see you on a regular basis. You can host webinars, or you can appear live on Facebook. You can also put video or do live events on YouTube. Go where your audience is and then repurpose them to the other places to build an audience there too. The more regular you are with this process, the bigger your fan base will grow.


Distribute More Relevant Content

Whether it’s video, text, graphics, or something else, the more relevant content you distribute across all channels, the more you’ll be in your audience’s mind. To come up with more content ideas, consider where your audience is in their buying cycle and create content for all levels. Don’t only create content for your target but also for people who are already customers.


Go to Live Offline Events

The more you can participate in offline events that your audience also attends, the better. If you can become a speaker or sponsor, so much the better. This will up your expertise quotient which will automatically get you more followers and build your fan base.


Guest Blog or Publish Articles on Other Sites

Another way to get more fans is to go to where your fans are. What are they reading? If you can get published on other sites, then you’ll want to ensure that your audience really goes there. If a visitor reads there and you get a link back to your site, you’ll gain another fan.


Comment More

Not only should you post more content, but you should also participate in commenting. Commenting is a very important way to build your fan base. They want to hear from you and by making yourself known in various groups, on blog posts, and expertise sites like, you can make a big impression.

Building your fan base takes time, but if you work toward building a fan base a little at a time, remembering that engagement is one of the most important factors will help it grow. People trust people who are themselves online and offline. Once you do connect with them, build the relationship before you make an offer.

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