How Your Storefront Condition Impacts Your Company

Many people erroneously believe that all business advertising is online now, and that they don’t have to worry about their storefront. However, many businesses, like coffee shops, local service businesses and the like still rely heavily on foot traffic to drive their sales.

As such, the appearance of your storefront can help boost your sales and drive your brand. Here are four ways that the condition of your storefront can impact your business.

Cosmetic Flaws

Just like your home, your business also has a curb-appeal factor, or it should. You wouldn’t want a potential homebuyer to see a giant pothole in your driveway any more than you would like a customer to see a giant pothole in your parking lot.

According to Lakeridge Paving Company, damaged asphalt can prevent potential customers from coming into the store. These flaws can also turn off potential buyers if you happen to be selling your business.

The lesson here is to fix the major flaws. Think of this way. What kind of mental image would you get of a store you had never visited before, and when you arrived, you discovered that the parking lot was full of cracks and potholes?


Small Biz Trends reminds business owners to remember their brands when they’re creating their storefronts and displays. Really think about what you want people to know about your business.

Do you specialize in vintage clothing? Or maybe you sell specialty coffees and teas. Whatever it is, make sure that your store’s exterior reflects that.

Think of the visuals of your store as a summary of what your business is about. Also remember that your business’s visuals should be consistent. Use the same font, color schemes, design patterns, etc., no matter where you’re branding your business.

Your Window Displays

Did you know that Macy’s in New York plans its Christmas window displays months in advance? Did you also know that people line up around the block to see these wonders? Did you further know that many of them then come in and spend quite a bit of money?

While you may not necessarily have a window display that rivals Macy’s at Christmas, this little anecdote does suggest how important your store’s windows are. Think bestsellers in bookshop windows or cute puppies in pet store windows.

These displays are among the first elements that draw your customers in off the street. If they’re eye-catching, they very well could be customer-catching as well.

Signs, Signs, and More Signs

Although you probably have all kinds of signs on your storefront and your windows, there is another place you want to make sure that you have a sign—out at the edge of the parking lot. If your storefront cannot be seen from the street, you want to make sure that you have a sign that helps people find your store.

Some businesses can get away with just a sandwich board, while others need a larger almost-billboard-sized sign. Finally, apply the same rules to the roadside signs as you do your storefront: They should look sharp and professional.

Like your home, your business should have plenty of curb appeal. Your storefront goes a long way towards creating this. A good-looking sign, an attractive window display, and a nice, blemish-free parking lot all work together to make your store more approachable. These elements, in turn, can positively affect your store’s bottom line.

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