Staying True to Yourself

Staying True to Yourself

When you first thought of starting your business, you were filled with excitement and fear. You had ideas of what you wanted your business to look like. Once the business began, you start to see some of your ideas come into focus. It’s very exciting! As some time goes by though, things can change. Those changes can sometimes cloud our vision and steer us away from what thrilled us when we began.

Of course, we have to be adaptable as things shift in our business. Many times, we change our focus too. The area you want to keep in check, however, is you… your core. It’s easy to get lost when things aren’t going according to our plan. Unfortunately, when we get REALLY lost, we can begin to compromise a part of ourselves. Things that would have never been acceptable, you find yourself doing. You’re beginning to settle on your standards and occasionally your values. What ends up happening, is you begin to resent your business and yourself.

Years ago, upon starting a home-based business, I found myself in that very position. I opted for an at-home position so I could be home with my baby. The business was great. I was able to make my own hours and made great money. Business slowed a bit, and I started working on Sunday’s. I know that doesn’t sound like a big deal, but to me it was. That was the one day I didn’t want to work at all so I could just be with my family. I started to hate my business.

Fast forward a couple of months into doing this, I complained to my, then, mentor about the frustration of not being home with my family. To that she said, “then why are you?”. It was an obvious question. Not something you would think as an “aha moment”. Yet, it was. See, I had control over my schedule but made a decision that went against my vision. I had no one to blame but myself.

That is a small thing compared to the concessions some people make to get ahead. There will be sacrifices you need to make from time to time for the greater good. That’s part of being an entrepreneur. But when the things you’re giving up or altering are important to you and robbing you of happiness, is it really worth it?

We have a short time here on Earth. Making a name for yourself and providing a good living for you and your family is commendable. It’s important. Just keep in mind that it isn’t EVERYTHING! Stay true to yourself and you’ll be a happier business owner.

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