Starting a service-based business: 3 tips to get your name out there

When you offer a service, it doesn’t matter what it is:
you’re in the business of people. Meeting a need in your market is important,
but understanding how to relate to your customers is even more vital to
success. Without connection, people won’t trust you. Without trust, you won’t
build a reputation. In order to get your name out there and make a mark, you
have to adopt a people-minded approach to business. Notice we said people, not

While your ultimate goal is to make a profit, it won’t
happen without understanding that behind every sale is a human being who has a

Follow these three tips to up your game and promote your
service through the people who need it most. 

Focus on Purpose

Value and results are what people care about most when it
comes to service. While cost will influence their decision to buy, you
shouldn’t try to win them over with long-winded blog posts and empty promises.
Avoid cheesy marketing slogans like, “You don’t want to miss out on this
great deal!” Sure, your deal might be great, but why? 

Emphasize the purpose of your service in all of your marketing. Demonstrate this through your content. You should orient everything about your business around its value.

Go Where Your Customers Are

Do some market research and
find out what platforms your target audience use the most. Are they more likely
to look for information on Google? Do they spend a lot of time on Pinterest or
Twitter? A local business can even benefit from direct mail marketing

When you want to build a business, you don’t expect people
to come to you. You go to them and show them what you’ve got to offer. 

Listen to Customer Feedback

Get feedback from customers to refine your business strategy and improve your service. Use landing pages, social media polls and follow-up surveys to gather valuable insight on your customer experience. 

Feedback does more than just help you improve; listening to customer feedback shows them that you care and value their opinions. When you run a service-based business, communication plays a large part in customer satisfaction. Rather than relying on a product to arrive and fulfill a need, customers expect you to deliver a service in a friendly, helpful and purposeful manner. 

Customer service is no longer separate from marketing. In
2019, business is customer service. Listen, respond, refine
and repeat to ensure that your company gains a good reputation. Word-of-mouth
does wonders for a brand, and the best way to ensure your name spread favorably
is to always put the customer first.

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