Spreading the Word: 5 Keys to Successful Advertising

One thing that entrepreneurs can’t afford to neglect is advertising. Without creating a strong message and getting it out to as much of your audience as possible, your company’s growth will be very limited no matter how special your product or service is. Here are five tips for coming up with some effective marketing.

Make It Memorable

Generic ads are instantly forgettable. In our marketing-saturated world, grabbing attention quickly and holding it should be the goal of every bit of marketing you come up with. Build your ads around interesting things that resonate with consumers, whether it’s your company history, an important social cause, or a colorful mascot. If you tell the story well, people will remember it.

Establish a Need

One of the key steps in making a sale is to persuade people that they must buy from you. Ask yourself what need your product or service fulfills for consumers, whether it’s an important function, an emotional attachment, or saving money. Work this into your marketing in a suggestive rather than forceful way, and your audience will find themselves craving what you have to offer. Just be sure to avoid hyperbole and extravagant claims.

Conform to Your Brand

Your brand is what people will come to recognize and look for. This is in part your unique logo and visual style, such as color schemes, but also the core of your message. Ads should reflect your company values and your mission, such as a firm commitment to the highest quality. Once you’ve established a strong, relatable brand, be consistent. Too much change will only create confusion and mistrust.

Provoke Action

Don’t leave a prospective customer pondering over the value of your offer. Inspire them to do something. End your content with a call-to-action (CTA), whether it’s subscribing to a newsletter, submitting feedback, or visiting your landing page. You can also build a marketing campaign around taking action, such as Nike’s “Just Do it” ads that motivate their younger consumers without specifics. This is a feeling they come to associate with your product.


There’s a lot of discussion on digital advertising, such as social media or blogs. However, if you’re a brick-and-mortar store or service contractor that depends on local customers, advertising signs are a medium with a strong ROI. People who encounter your signs retain the memory whether they realize it or not. Eye-level signs, large overhead banners, and unusual shapes attract attention best. Permanent placement of advertising on the weatherproof stock will keep working for you for months or years to come.

Successful brands advertise entertaining and meaningful messages in the places where the best leads can be found. Be sure to gather feedback and track the success of each ad. In time you’ll be able to develop your own powerful marketing machine.

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