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Speed-Up Your Document Management Skills With This App

If you are a solopreneur, work-at-home mum or you run a startup business, you probably know how time-consuming can document management be. In addition to your marketing or business development work, you need to keep track of different documents and to get them organized. Productivity matters in all types of businesses, especially if your team is small and every minute is important.


Without further ado, let’s see how you can better organize your documents, reuse old business reports and have control over your paperwork with mobile apps!


Scan papers with your phone

The first rule of efficient document management is to get rid of paper, as much as you can. Not only will your desk look tidier, but your files will be protected from accidental spills of coffee, or getting lost in a folder. If you digitize all your paperwork, you will have the access to your business document wherever you go and plus you will be able to find them easier.

You can scan a paper with your phone camera, or start the Image to Word picture scanner app and snap a photo of your paper document.


Edit scanned papers on your smartphone

With Image to Word picture scanner app you can turn any paper into an editable document. Simply, scan a paper or upload already scanned image of a document and it will be converted to a .docx format. In this way, you don’t need to retype documents from scratch, but you can reuse images of old documents and make changes in Word.

As soon as you upload an image of your document, the conversion will start and after one hour you will get a Word file ready. You need to open the converted file in any text editor app or Google docs so you can edit it.


Share documents with your colleagues

If your type of work requires team collaboration, you can store documents in the cloud and the next time your colleague needs to make changes to a document, she will be able to access it easily. With Sync app you can securely store all types of files on the cloud, to save space on your mobile phone and easier manipulate your files.

This app also has an option to automatically backup your photos and videos. That means, next time you take a snap of your paper document, it will be synced to your cloud automatically.


Annotate and review documents on your phone

LiquidText app helps you gather and organize information from different documents which can be useful when you need to write reports or meeting presentations. You can leave comments on documents, draw lines in two different documents to connect the same ideas, compare two different parts of documents.

Start by opening the app workspace and adding excerpts of various documents in one place. Then organize excerpts into meaningful groups, leave notes, draw mind maps etc. You can review documents on the go, without a hassle!

If you are looking for better ways to manage your business documents and speed up your productivity, try one of these tips and you will see how these small changes can have great impact on your daily workflow.

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