Sourcing Truly Affordable Healthcare Coverage

Affordable Healthcare Coverage

Patient Affordability

Healthcare costs can be staggeringly expensive if you don’t know how to properly navigate them. Thankfully, there are options out there for you, and if you’re careful to do the proper footwork, you can save yourself thousands—if not tens of thousands—in terms of expenses.

Firstly, as you go about seeking healthcare coverage, you may want to read the “fine print” carefully in terms of the Affordable Care Act. Many previous situations changed as Obamacare became a prime “mover and shaker” on the healthcare scene. Patient affordability actually declined in positivity as doctors were in some cases changed, and other transitions were forced.

Some people experienced premiums that expanded. In most states, according to one study, premiums more than doubled; averaging an increase of 105%. This increase forced many patients to seek more affordable options elsewhere, like Medi-share, which is an option touted to cut monthly healthcare costs in half; perhaps restoring equilibrium for some. There are many similar options out there.


Factors Driving The Market

What has driven these cost increases are high deductibles that have, for a time, continued their expansion. Naturally, high deductibles breed competition. If you’ve got to pay thousands of dollars before an insurance company steps in to take over the cost, you’re losing money.

Already you’re paying for the insurance on a monthly basis. But high deductibles can almost make doing so not worth it. Accordingly, there’s a demand for more affordable insurance defining the market. When there’s a demand, supply jumps to meet it. Because deductibles are increasing, secondary solutions are also expanding.

This has made patients start to pay better attention to the market. This will be expanded on going forward, but doctors can really help you if you’re looking to reduce your out-of-pocket costs, find reduced insurance deductibles; and they’re more than happy to.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when you’re searching for healthcare. Additionally, see what you can do to increase your odds of getting cost-effective coverage. Do you smoke? Quit. Are you exercising regularly and eating right? Start doing so.

Government Options

Don’t rule out some government options for which you qualify, or in which you have some stake. You may find that there are aspects of certain programs that you didn’t consider previously, and which could serve to cost-effectively provide you the health services you need.

For example, there are a number of different aspects of Medicare coverage; if you want to learn more on medicare differences, provides some clarity: “Medicare coverage is broken into specific parts: Medicare parts A, B, C, and D. Each part provides its own unique coverage, and depending on which part you choose, the enrollment options will also vary.”

If you’re extremely lacking in resources, there’s such a thing as an indigent health card that can get you emergency medical attention or examination at a reduced cost. Options like these are dependent on your income and will have a tendency to vary based on state. What you want to do is ask your physician what kind of solutions are out there.

Do you have affiliation with any organizations like the Shriners? Do you have any special school certifications? Do you have VA coverage for military service? Doctors may be able to help you find areas of healthcare coverage that will save you thousands of dollars, and won’t change the money they make a bit. This was mentioned earlier.

Many healthcare facilities have as a primary source of income insurance payouts. They don’t care how patients become covered under such plans, as long as there’s legitimacy in that membership. So if you ask your doctor, he or she may be able to help you find some solution you wouldn’t have been able to acquire through your own research.


Medical Tourism And Overcoming Cost Obstacles

You might also consider attaining certain medical attention outside the United States. Though the deflation of Obamacare will likely result in reduced premiums in the very near future, dire operations necessary now can still be pretty expensive. Yet certain countries offer the same procedures from trusted practitioners at a fraction of the cost.

If you’ve got a costly procedure coming up, you might look around to see if you could be a “medical tourist”. Usually, the cost of the trip and the overseas medical attention is less than the in-country coverage. In a pinch, this can be a way to save money while retaining your health through a difficult situation.

At the end of the day, there are many ways you can go about reducing the expense of your healthcare coverage. Patient affordability can be facilitated through the right programs, but until the Affordable Care Act has lost all its hold on today’s patient, there will be some difficulties to account for.

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