Does Your Small Business Need a Phone System?

To a customer, nothing turns a purchasing experience into a negative like bad customer service. Whether it’s voicemail or email, nobody wants to make an inquiry and then be forced to wait for hours or days, and even worse, get no response at all. If you’re putting your customers into that position, you’re going to be losing business. Here are some signs you could benefit from a phone system from a company like 10D Tech.

Business Is Growing

As your new business grows, you’ll get to a point where you or your employees are spending so much time on phone calls that your other duties aren’t getting done. You may find that you have an increasing backlog of messages, emails, and social media requests. As growth continues, even hiring a dedicated customer service team is only putting off the inevitable. Eventually, you’re looking at lost customers and bad online reviews that could bring growth to a halt. Phone systems provide advantages for dealing with just this problem.

Reduced Costs

For most small businesses, communications are a major expense. Numerous individual phone lines and charges can add up. But an integrated phone system can reduce these costs and simplify monthly telephony bills for better budgeting and cost control. Your telephony services can also be scaled up easily as your business continues to grow to compound savings. In order to get better service, 55 percent of consumers are willing to pay more. This gives you more money to invest in other areas of your business.

A Shared Resource

Using a dedicated phone system for your business needs allows everyone to share the same central solution. This makes it possible to implement modern features like instant messaging among employees, transferring or redirecting calls, automated menus with voice recognition technology, and a shared call queue. This ensures that customers who can’t be helped automatically can be redirected and serviced on a first-called basis to minimize wait times. All of this provides more efficient service and better customer satisfaction.

Build Credibility and Trust

While companies differ, along with the channels of communication used, a business telephony system with all its features makes your company seem more professional. A good phone system can make a small company seem like a global corporation to callers. For a small company, the ability to forward calls to mobile devices can be a great advantage when you or your salespeople are away from the office. Your customers will immediately have greater trust and confidence in you brand. Making customers feel appreciated is an important aspect of business success.

When your business installs a phone system, you automatically expand your services and can adopt a more flexible business plan. Failing to incorporate telephony solutions when you need them means losing repeat business.

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