Improve Your Photos

Simple ways you can improve your photos into something better

Everybody loves to play photographer, and the advent of iPhones have turned us all into amateur shutterbugs. But once everyone has said “cheese!” and the photos have been taken, what do you do with the results?

Too many people are content with letting the photos sit on their hard drives, or worse, with never downloading them at all, and accidentally losing them when their phones finally kick the bucket. But this shouldn’t be the case. After all, there is no point in getting a 4-year-old to keep quiet, or a puppy to sit still, if the photo will never see the light of day. Below is a list of a few simple ways you can turn your photos into something memorable, exciting, and fun.

Portray your portrait as a pretty painting

Getting your picture painted goes way beyond getting it printed. You can easily buy cheap photo printer, but a cheap, custom oil painting? Not so likely. If you’re wondering, “How do I find someone to paint my photo?” have no fear. Custom art services employ real artists to create a realistic oil painting depicting your favorite moments. You need only to upload your photo online, and the final painting will be shipped to you after a few weeks. The final result has the permanence and durability that an oil painting would, along with the personalized warmth of a photograph that you have taken. Most services have all sorts of options for customization, because, after all, it is a human behind that paintbrush. Want to add a relative that couldn’t make it to the Christmas card photo session? Or maybe add a funky abstract background? All of those options are at your fingertips (or, as the case may be, at the painter’s). And the final product is both beautiful and durable. A custom oil portrait of your favorite picture is a remedy to our Snapchatting world.

Delve into découpage

Découpage is the art of decorating an object by gluing paper to its surface, then covering it with varnish to finish and seal it. Though the final result often looks super crafty and very professional, the actual process is fairly simple. Contemporary découpage is often accomplished with a decoupage medium, which acts as a glue, sealer, and finish all in one. In fact, you can even make a custom découpage medium at home out of glue. Some projects, though, call for an acrylic medium, which you can pick up at a crafts store. You can use decoupage to make a range of beautiful gifts, whether a lampshade, a custom vase, or a jewelry box. Decoupaged photographs look astonishingly professional, and, because of the method of its manufacture, a piece with those photos will last for years. Decoupage, as a craft, began in the courts of 17th century France. How do we know? Many of those items are still around today.

Create a customized comic

Want to make somebody feel like a hero, or just exercise your funny bone? Use your photos to make a custom comic. Many people might be familiar with this activity from when they were kids. You cut out yourself from photos, glue them to a piece of paper, and then write dialogue around the cutouts. Today, all sorts of apps go way beyond what the layman can do with a pen and paper. These apps let you pick and choose your layout and background color, and even add effects. Whether you’re willing to put yourself in the spandex, or just want to show the ways the people in your life happen to be heroes, a custom comic is a thoughtful way to give your photos a colorful new life.

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