Seniors up-skilling! You’re never too old to learn something new.

We’re never too old to learn. Constantly learning keeps the human mind active and alert, as well as the added benefits of enhancing the skillset of the individual. That’s why it’s so important for seniors to participate in training and upskilling programs.

Upskilling isn’t only for our young people.  And there’s absolutely no truth in that old saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”!  We want to see our ageing population as active as they can be, both in mind and in body.

The wealth of business knowledge and experience the older people bring to our community is hugely undervalued by many.  That’s why we want them to be continually learning the skills needed to navigate through today’s society so that they can continue to participate in the workforce for as long as they are able.  Whether it’s full time, part time or volunteer work, their contribution to our community is extremely valuable.
For those who are not yet ready to retire, being prepared to upskill will give them a much higher chance of retaining their jobs for longer.  There’s no substitute for the experience that only comes with age, so an elderly person who is prepared to be continually learning and adapting is going to provide real value to their employer.
One of the biggest challenges facing today’s seniors is the digital world. There’s no denying the breakneck speed at which the technology is developing, and it’s important that our seniors aren’t left behind.  As a community, we need to be aware that our older citizens can feel intimidated by an environment of younger, tech-savvy people.  But why should this affect their desire to participate in the workforce?  Instead of ‘putting them out to pasture’, they should be encouraged to take courses and learn how to use technology, so that they can stay connected with the wider community.

There are considerable benefits for upskilling when it comes to mental health and maintaining independence.  Nobody likes to feel useless, or that they’re not needed anymore.  And perhaps those most prone to feeling this way are our elderly people.  Upskilling can really help to restore their sense of self-esteem and purpose in life.  It not only keeps their minds active, but it provides them with additional skills – something tangible from which they can see results.  It helps to maintain their confidence in themselves, their independence and their sense of belonging.

Volunteering has become a great way for an aging person to remain active in their community whilst still being able to enjoy their retirement. Having some basic skills will not only allow them to feel more capable at helping out in their local community groups and stores, it will in fact, make them quite an asset.

There’s absolutely no need for our elderly population to feel left behind in today’s world.  There are plenty of courses available which allow them the opportunity to continually learn, grow and maintain their independence in our society.  The benefits are huge, both for themselves as individuals and for our community as a whole.  After all, we are only old once, so it’s important that our seniors are active and happy!


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