Security for businesses: what to do when it’s breached

A data breach can mean a lot of problems for your business and your customers. The first place to start following a data breach is to determine the extent of the information that was compromised, and from there, it’s important to work quickly to mitigate the damage. Here are some of the other steps that you’ll want to take to ensure the safety of your business and customers.


Prevent Further Damage 
Take measures that will ensure that more information won’t be compromised. If you haven’t already, you’ll want to start by investigating the seriousness of the information that was breached and how it occurred. You may want to look into upgrading your computer networks, installing appropriate firewall protection, or updating your anti-virus software. How the breach occurred will determine the actions that will be required on your part to prevent further intrusions.


Understand Legal Responsibilities 
Another thing that you’ll need to understand if there are any legal ramifications to your security breach. Get advice from a commercial litigation attorney so that you can understand your responsibilities and if there are any further actions that need to be taken on your part. This will, of course, depend on the type of information that was compromised. Personal information will require more action on your part than simple system breaches at your company and may require more extensive legal action.


Notify Affected Parties 
If there are customers or other businesses that were affected, you’ll most likely be required to notify them of the breach. This can put you in a compromising position because you might lose their trust if you don’t handle it correctly. Notifications that go out earlier are better received than waiting months to let them know that something may have occurred. You’ll have to weigh the benefits of which option will work best for your business. Again, now is a good time to talk to your commercial litigation attorney to know how much you legally need to publish about the incident and how to minimize your company’s liability in the incident.


Offer Protections to Consumers
In the case of personal information being compromised, you may want to offer identity theft protection so that you can work to rebuild your customers’ trust. Another thing that you’ll want to do is notify your customers about corrective measures that will be taken in the future to prevent a further breach from occurring. This solution is more of a long-term goal because it may take a while to get all of the pieces into place when it comes to upgrading your security protocols.

A data breach can be a scary thing for any business to experience. The best way to handle it if it does occur is to keep your head, isolate the problem, obtain legal counsel, and take measures to prevent future breaches.

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