My secret weapon for Instagram

When it comes to my Instagram account for Oh Perfect Day, I have no problems with stunning images, sourcing vendor pics and inspiration; when it comes to a stunning wedding planning business, it’s easy to look good with the right images.

But when it came to my own personal account, I was lost.

I’m not the next Kardashian wanting to do selfies all day long. And I don’t even know if my day to day life would be interesting to anyone in fact! I felt sort of, sick of posting me!

So I went looking for an expert. And oh boy did I find one.

It’s no secret my personal Instagram account just got a whole lot more fabulous recently. And it’s all thanks to a very savvy, smart and fashionable friend of mine in Mexico.

Her name is Itzel, and she is absolutely killing it as an Instagram Designer. She’s taken charge of my Instagram account, as well as a host of top-secret Aussie trailblazers…. but we are sworn to secrecy who! Together we’ve worked out a whole new strategy for my account, and now curating a beautiful and stylish feed that fits our target audience.

I caught up with Itzel to ask her a few questions about her life in Mexico, what inspires her and how did she get so good at Instagram!

So Itzel, you are 18, living in Mexico in a beautiful town called Mazatlán, tell me about that?

Mazatlán is absolutely paradise, its a small town with the most beautiful sunsets and friendliest party people you’ll ever meet. The ocean and culture are and forever will be in my heart.

And you’ve just graduated from high school and studying fashion marketing, how do you find that?

I’ve always dreamed about having a very cool fashion job ,the big office, breath taking outfits and luxurious brunch with friends, a well known magazine or PR, it doesn’t matter as long as I am happy and growing to become better than the day before. But I do want to get to know amazing people and friends all around the world, I think my career will help me do that, business and glamour. I couldn’t ask for anything else.

Instagram is such an amazing tool for fashion, but also for most businesses. Can you tell us about the businesses you have worked with to date when it comes to Instagram?

I’ve worked with many businesses, beauty salons, fashion sites, business sites, travel and more. I love diversity and learning new things every single day.

You’ve absolutely transformed my account (thank you!) – tell me what is your secret?

Thank you, for the opportunity and letting me prove what I am capable of. I think one of my secrets is getting invested as if the business were mine too. If you don’t care about the business, you lose ambition and the outcome will never be as  great as it could be.

How do you determine the best content for a client?

Of course good taste is key, but I always look at the big picture. What your company is trying to say, the audience you are trying to reach, and what you would like to see if you were the client.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Honestly I get the inspiration from people. I see dashboards and profiles as personalities. That is how the world sees you. It may sound cheesy but I’ve always said that going into someones Tumblr is like walking into their mind, you are scrolling through what they believe in, what they find cool, what they aspire to be one day, their own little perfect world. That is what I believe a community manager should do, visually share your personality.

What do you love most about working with clients on Instagram?

I love and enjoy working with my clients, I find Instagram very creative and diverse. My favorite part is the transformation, the before and after, positive responses and making a difference in the company in the good way of course.

What’s your plans after college?

After college I want to have stablished great relationships with businesses and friends all around the world. I want to travel and enjoy life. As a wise man said “make your passion your paycheck”. Also I want to be as independent as I vowed myself to be when I was younger; My own successful company and a cool glamorous fashion job too.

Interested in having Itzel design your personal or business Instagram account? Her packages start at $200AUD per month for one post a day, including content (or send her your own to include).Sign up for a month and see the difference. 

More info and sign up here.

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