School Holiday ideas for moms

School Holidays Juggle – three steps to keeping it together.

The school holidays are approaching and you have that fear, fear that the balls are going to fall.  Fear that your ever-demanding routine is going to change.  The kids are going to need you more than normal and you need to juggle it all whilst working.  And let’s face it, you don’t have enough annual leave to cover school holidays all year round.

A simple mathematical equation is all that is needed to show that there is simply no way one or even two parents can handle school holidays if they are working full time.  With a full-time job, there are 4 weeks per year allocated to an individual.  In a two-parent household that is 8 weeks a year assuming that you do not holiday together.  40 days per year.  School-aged children have 11 weeks per year, 55 days.

It is a challenge for every parent.  How do you manage the kids while you work?  Sure, the occasional sick day is manageable.  But the two-week periods scattered throughout the year are challenging.

So, what do you do?


  1. Build your village

Building your village is going to be such a help to you in times of need.  This starts with close family or friends; can anyone look after your child for a day here or there? Building out from that, do you know the mums from school who may be able to watch your child for a day whilst they are home – perhaps you can return the favor at a later stage?  Can you look at a nanny service or other such babysitting service that come to your house for a few days a week to help?


  1. Do you have work flexibility

Can you work from home?  Perhaps you can do half days from home or bring your child along to work on occasions? Is there any special leave options – carers leave or another such benefit that your employee might have.  Can you purchase additional leave which may cover you for times like this?


  1. Vacation Care

Does the school or nearby school offer vacation care during the school holidays?  More and more parents are working and therefore vacation care is starting to become a popular option for kids during the holidays.  They usually are excited to go and hang out with their friends for a while!


If there is no family support it can be challenging.  Being creative, opening up to what’s possible and thoroughly understanding what the policies are in your workplace are all tools to keep in your toolbox.  We are all in the same boat, juggling and trying to make it work, to ensure that you look after yourself, you’re doing great!

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