5 Amazing Saas Products That Are Built in India

After years of stagnation, the low-key Indian SaaS market is now showing some definite signs of growth and positivity. The ecosystem of the great Indian software-as-a-service (SaaS) is now undergoing a remarkable makeover thanks to some new entrants who are challenging the age-old sigmas that all Indian Saas had to face just a few years ago. In fact, some experts are of the belief that by the year 2025, India might emerge as a leader in the SaaS industry and the recent hullaballoos and hypes around some popular Indian SaaS companies like FreshDesk and Zoho are reinforcing the same belief among Indian entrepreneurs and Venture Capitalists.

If you have no idea what a typical SaaS product looks like, allow us to explain it to you in plain and simple English. SaaS product basically replies on a distribution model where the end products are hosted either on the Cloud or any other similar platforms and the users have to pay a certain amount of money to get its access. So, rather than installing something directly on your PCs, you will be using the products via Cloud and you have to pay a certain amount as compensation to the company.

So, what makes India a great platform for so many local and global SaaS companies. Actually, multiple factors are at play here. The sweet scent of success of popular Indian SaaS companies like Zoho or FreshDesk has drawn in many other players who are making bold moves by investing a good amount of money on developing cool new SaaS products for their target audience.  Moreover, the India government is also helping Indian startup ecosystem in numerous ways so that new SaaS companies can grow and thrive here.

To give you a clear picture of the Indian SaaS industry, here we are going to take a look at some of the most popular SaaS products that are incubated in India and are making it big on the global front as well –

1- Freshdesk

It is one of its kind cloud-based customer support application that allows you to keep track of all your communication with your customers in a single place so that you don’t feel lost or get distracted. Tired of sending the same email to thousands of customers over and over again and then replying a ‘Thank You’ note at the end of the day? Well, FreshDesk can save your day for sure.

FreshDesk lets you categorize tasks and it does not end there. It also allows you to prioritize certain tasks and monitor their progress time to time. You can even assign tasks to people so that your customers get a fast response from your support team.

Collaboration has become as easy as pie thanks to FreshDesk. Multiple people can work simultaneously on the same task and this will definitely help you serve your customers fast and thus helping you increase customers happiness index. The option is there to split complex tasks into multiple parts and then you can raise tickets against them to get things done fast and in an efficient way.

FreshDesk also allows you to empower your customers by enabling them to help themselves. Whenever your customers start searching for a problem that has been faced by hundreds of other customers,  FreshDesk sends out pop-ups with solutions included in it so that customers can resolve issues themselves.

2- Zoho

It is one of the most popular productivity suites used by thousands of companies in India and also in abroad. It is the perfect SaaS product that a business organization needs to simplify their workflow and give their employees a shot in the arm. Be it marketing your business in different verticals and channels, performing complex accounting tasks or improving collaboration among different teams in an organization, Zoho can prove to be a godsend. Zoho is undoubtedly one of the best accounting, invoicing and Sales CRM software provider and its solutions are not tied to a single industry. Its products and packages can be employed in any industry and they will definitely prove helpful.

One of the flagships products of Zoho is Zoho One which is basically a package of 40 different productivity applications. The apps are interconnected and that means you don’t have to face any issue when it comes to team collaboration. All the members of a

Zoho makes third-party integration as easy as pie because it is well aware of the fact that its products and applications are not 100% perfect. So, you can integrate your existing apps with Zoho without spending hours to figure out how. Just go through their FAQ or Help Desk section and you will get all the information that you need to figure out the process.

One of the best things about Zoho is that it has different purchasing models available. You don’t necessarily have to purchase the whole bundle. Why pay for apps that your business does not need at all? You can purchase individual apps and done with it.

3. InMobi

InMobi is one of the biggest and one of the worst mobile advertising platforms in the world and it is giving its close rival like Admob a run for its money. Its platform has an impressive reach of 1.5 billion mobile devices and it is expanding its reach every single day which is good for the mobile advertisers. Its mobile advertising platform is unique and the intuitive UI allows advertisers to connect to their target audience by engaging mobile users in every stage of the buying circle.

The Video Ads solution offered by InMobi is highly addictive in nature. It has removed the annoying buffering sign from its video ads and thereby reducing customer abandonment rate and improving engagement rate.

InMobi Native Mobile ads are also making a difference by blending the ads of the mobile advertisers with the app’s layout and design so that the ads don’t look out of the place. A seamless and non-intrusive way to connect with your mobile users, InMobi Native Mobile ads challenging the very concept of the mobile advertising. Mobile ads will no longer be treated with contempt rather your mobile ads will get higher visibility and get appreciated by your target audience. InMobi Native Mobile ads are well suited for companies that are from entertainment or news industry.

If you are struggling to identify your target audience, InMobi can help you. Appographic TargetingTM  is utilizing the power of audience targeting technology that identifies users based on their interest. It has over 200 unique appographic segments and its audience insight report is a cut above the rest.

4. LogiNext

If your business has something to do with Logistic management, then you have most certainly heard something about LogiNext – the next generation SaaS based logistics management application. LogiNext allows its users to track carriers, shipments, and vehicles on real-time basis and you don’t have to look at different maps to do that as it has integrated everything in a single and highly interactive map. With LogiNext, you will be able to manage everything – be it managing delivery routes, schedules or capacity. What else you can expect from a SaaS-based product?

LogiNext is harnessing the power of Internet of Things and big data analytics to meet the needs of its clients. Some of its flagship products are – LogiNext Reverse™, LogiNext Haul™, LogiNext On-Demand™, LogiNext Field™ and LogiNext Mile™. All of these are Logistics optimization tools and they allow users to automate the logistic management process to a certain extent. By using these products, you will be able to bring down production cost and improve productivity at the workplace.

5. Pubmatic

Pubmatic is allowing its users to get a better understanding of the digital ecosystem. Unless you have a proper understanding of the digital media, you will find it hard to adapt to its challenges.  PubMatic allows media buyers and digital publishers to identify the opportunities by utilizing its unique set of tools.

Pubmatic has automated media buying process and it allows publishers to get complete control over audience management as it has a direct impact on their decision-making process.


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