Run an ecommerce business? 4 strategies for shipping overseas

For those who run an ecommerce business, shipping and logistics is something they need to have down pat. The costs can range quite a bit, depending on how savvy they are. For those who are looking to bring their business overseas, there are also additional concerns that you need to consider. This article will discuss four strategies to tackle shipping overseas successfully.


Proper Containers

If you plan on shipping in bulk or have large items, then you should invest in the right kind of container to store them. By shipping overseas, these containers may see a lot of tumult across the ocean. You want to make sure that when you buy a shipping container, it’s durable and made of the best quality material you can get in order to decrease the chances of your products being damaged during the transport. Otherwise, that is a cost coming out of your pocket.


Decide Shipping Options

When looking at your products, you should figure out if they have varying weights and sizes or if they’re all uniform. If they are uniform, then you can usually save yourself some money by going with a per-item or zone-based approach of shipping. This strategy means that the price to ship is based on your customer’s location rather than the weight. For those who have varying weights and sizes, then it might be a good idea to receive the rate directly from the shipping company as they can help you save some money on big orders.


Understand Exchange Rates

If you’re shipping overseas, then you’re going international, and with that comes exchange rates. Each country has its own taxes and currency. You need to understand those exchange rates so that you can set the right price that doesn’t turn off customers but also ensures that you’re still netting a profit.


Consider Free Shipping

If you examine certain companies that offer free shipping, you’ll find that they actually bring in a ton of profit. This is because they’re mindful of their free shipping and usually only offer it at a set price. This helps them ensure profit even if they have to take out the cost to ship the product themselves. This strategy can also help you even if you’re shipping internationally.

With a bit of careful planning and research, you can ship overseas successfully. These four strategies can be the jumping point off to help you build a logistics plan that will ensure a profit.

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