Role of Social Networks and Blogging Media in Today's World

Role of Social Networks and Blogging Media in Today’s World

Technological advancements have made life a lot simpler and while some technologies help scientists and researchers to improve our lives remotely, some technologies offer direct help to the common man. And speaking of such technologies, one can’t help but reflect on the role of social networking in today’s day and age. From keeping in touch with our near and dear ones to connecting with people professionally, social media and blogging have changed the way we communicate.

The frenzy has reached to such a point that if someone mentions they don’t have a Facebook or Twitter profile, gasps and sighs and heard around! This media have in many ways revolutionized the way we live our lives. From sharing albums with friends to sharing socially relevant opinions with fellow activists around the world, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, etc have given a voice to everyone, in every possible corner of the world. The beauty of social networking lies in the fact that anyone can use it. This brings in a lot of equality and opens up an entire world of opportunities for even the suppressed sections of society.

The power and freedom of blogging

Blogging is a fairly new tool available to writers. In the past too, when social networking wasn’t even conceived, the world saw many revolutions kicked off by the mere power of words. Writer John Locke, in (as early as) the 17th century, brought about a major part of the American Revolution by his writing skills alone. So in the past writers have steered uprisings and brought justice to many.

Blogging carries this very idea forward, but has an added advantage – it gives the writer the freedom to write from wherever he pleases. Gone are the days when a writer could not contribute just because he or she didn’t find a platform to do so. Nowadays, with blogs, anyone can write. And it doesn’t end there -all that has to be done thereafter is spread the blog on other social media. This is indeed a great way to reach out to people across the world. Various blogs work with the sole purpose of raising social awareness and bringing likeminded people together. There are platforms which promote writers and bloggers and help them in reaching out to a vast audience from around the world. is a great example of such a platform. They call themselves the social network of readers, writers and bloggers. The best part is membership is absolutely free and recently they have introduced a new concept of “Your write-ups your ads” by which the author of a writeup gets to display his / her ads on write-ups posted by them.

How blogging and networking can bring about mass awareness on social matters

Had it not been for Twitter, the world perhaps would not have seen racism raise its ugly face post the Miss America crowning recently. If the racists spoke their mind, there were counter comments as well with millions of people around the world campaigning against the comments. This really is the beauty of blogging – it helps people to reach out.

The young generation today barely has the time to flip through a newspaper or watch a news program on television. As a result, social networking plays an important role. Let us take the case of Malala Yousafzai. Had it not been for Facebook, Twitter and all the other social media platforms, very few people would have known about her. The ‘sharing’ of her story led to not only awareness, but mass protests that eventually led to her having justice. She herself has now taken to blogging and is doing fantastic work via her blog, This just goes to show just how powerful blogging and social media is in today’s world. What a bullet from a gun can stop, a blog can restart!

How they can influence the minds of consumers regarding the various products

Having access to social media has turned out to be a blessing for every business trying to find a foothold in today’s competitive markets. Social media tools not only give exposure to the businesses, they also help to connect the businesses with the consumers. With pages on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Flickr, YouTube and other platforms, the business is assured to score a few extra points.

The minds of consumers can be influenced in several ways. However to do this, the business’s marketing team must understand the trends of social media. Not only does the understanding aid in reaching out to the target group in a better fashion, it also helps to understand the competitors’ strategies. This is both a boon and a bane of social media as everything is open and nothing is held back.

Since the average person spends a good majority of their time networking online, these platforms can be tremendously powerful and effective advertising platforms. From announcing new promotions to launching new products, a business can directly reach out to the target group.

Importance of bloggers, writers, opinion makers and social networking

We live in a world where freedom of speech and expression are more easily available. And to have technological aids to take this gift forward is an added boon for sure. As a result, we have a thriving presence of the social media. The world has become a smaller place with opportunities to connect and stay connected with people on the other side of the horizon. You do not require a passport and a fat bank balance to see what is happening in South Africa right now. Just log on to YouTube and watch a news clip and you’d practically be there yourself!

A blog has evolved from being a mere personal journal and now has the capacity to make a change in the world. A blog also gives you the power to go incognito. This provides a protective cover for people who fear for their own security yet want to voice their opinions.

These are the wonderful tools the modern day world has brought to every citizen of the world. Whether you want to protest, rejoice, advertise or connect, all you need is a presence on the social media. Social media is as receptive as it is open. So make full use of it and be the change you want to see in the world.

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