Restaurateur Revisions – Avoiding Half – Baked Plans When Opening A Restaurant

The bar was stocked, the day was set. The ribbon was ready for cutting, and it was a beautiful sunny day. As Rose stood there ready to cut the ribbon, she then realised…no flyers were distributed! She could hear Stephanie, her fellow partner in her head. ‘I’ve got it all under control.’ Ugh, why did she listen to her?”

This is certainly NOT a situation you want to find yourself in when you open a business. Unfortunately, too often people go into a venture because they realise they do something well and they want to make a profit, but so few go in with a proper plan – yes, a business plan, in place.

Here are some ways that can help your plans for opening a restaurant rise successfully and don’t end up half-baked and falling apart.

Get hold of a reliable supplier:

When opening any business, to have a supplier that is reliable with their delivery and invoicing is gold, as it keeps you on track and able to run effectively.

As well as getting the proper and professional supplies, that fit your business. Therefore, when it comes to a restaurant, hospitality supplies for the Melbourne and Sydney restaurant markets, such as pots and pans, are a necessary requirement for launch.

Because when you’re open for business, you want equipment that helps make you the best restaurant possible.

Have passion, but a clear plan:

As I hinted in the scenario and introduction, what you’re specifically good at, often isn’t the only point that requires your focus in running a successful business.

First, have passion – there is no point going into an industry, particularly service if you don’t have the drive for it.

Launch day is fine, but like any project, there are often many steps before the grand event. One of these can often be to set out a structured business plan.

Those such as Open for Business have guides on the main areas to focus on when laying out plans such as those for a restaurant, such as your location and target market.

In the case of any eatery, this can also mean necessary planning to get certain licenses, such as a liquor licence, and understanding and covering certain inspections, such as OHS/WHS.

Having your paperwork out of the way early is great and often necessary so that everything is clear come opening time.

Know and understand your budget:

When it comes to running any business, but particularly a restaurant, it is wise to know how costs fit into your set or required budget.

You don’t want to use a certain supplier, only to find out you exceeded a budget or invoices haven’t been received.

Accounting software, such as QuickBooks can help you manage this in an easy and straightforward way, and offer ongoing support.

This makes sure it’s not complicated and you can spend more time on the hospitality side, helping everyone to feel welcome on an opening day and beyond.

Broaden your marketing influence:

While Rose might see no flyers as a reason to panic, in today’s modern realm, there are other ways you can see the influence of your marketing for the big event.

Social media is now commonly the main part of this, as it can spread the knowledge of your business and opening to a large expanse of people.

However, according to, “it is wise to note that not all platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) may suit your business… set up with those that your customers use.” This helps you get more traction.

Now, when opening your restaurant, you have some of the main steps to make it a grand opening!

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