Relocation Tips to Help You Prepare for a Big Move

Preparing for a big move is more than just packing your things and moving to a new place. You’ll have to deal with so many things before the move and then try to figure everything out after actually relocating. This process requires a ton of preparations, concentration and logistics, especially since you’ll have to take care of transferring literally everything you own. Whether you’ve just bought a new house or you got relocated because of your work, the stress will make everything harder and you’ll want to quit before you know it. That’s why you’ll need some help to guide you through the process, and this checklist could be your saving grace. Take a deep breath before tackling this task and always keep the final outcome in your mind.


Make a detailed plan

Once the moving day comes, you’ll have to be 100% ready as it’s going to be hard to think in all that chaos. Start with creating a timeline of every part of your move and the deadline for leaving your current space and moving into the new one. Write a list of your belongings and decide what goes with you and what belongs in a storage space.

Also, you’re going to have to figure out a schedule for the move, how to deal with paperwork, how to organize the workers and how to work around your family’s obligations. Having a plan will help you move without stopping all the time and trying to think what you need to do next. Include your family members in the process and give everyone a task or two. This way, you’ll be more efficient and everyone will feel included.


Pack wisely

We all own too many things, but we still wish to bring them all with us, just in case. The packing process will require a lot of time, so it won’t be a bad idea to do it in advance – this way, you’ll have more time to do everything thoroughly. Start with things you’re sure you won’t need until you’re at your new place, and label these boxes clearly. Whenever you’re going to your new place, take some of those boxes with you to save some space when it’s time to move the furniture and larger boxes.

Everything else should be packed and labeled carefully, so you know where your things are once you start unpacking. Be sure to label fragile items and organize these boxes together because of the content inside of them. Ask your movers to deal with these items with extra care and leave them somewhere where they won’t be in the way.


Pay everything on time

Taking care of all your bills and utilities before moving out is essential, especially if you want to start fresh and make a clean break after all, this is the best thing to do before settling in a new home. Keep checking your bank statement in the days preceding your move and see if everything’s paid in full before you leave, and if you fail to do so, you’ll create a ton of problems for the new homeowners, and that’s just not cool.

Body corporate is another thing you have to pay attention to and a financial task you simply mustn’t omit take care of. Whether you’ve just bought a new place, or found one you’re willing to rent, you should learn what is a body corporate and how you should deal with it. By paying this, you’ll be able to keep your property well maintained in the years to come and make sure it’s always as new as the day you moved in it.


Calculate your moving costs

Determining the budget for the move is something you have to do as soon as possible, but not everyone understands how vital this really is. This entire process will require you to spend some money, so don’t forget this and end up trying to figure out how to stretch your financial plan.

Whether you decide to do everything on your own, hire professionals or use a storage space for some of your belongings, everything will come with a price tag and you need to be prepared for the hidden costs as well. By knowing all your costs before moving, you can see where you can save some money and use that to pay for something else. In the end, it’s always a good idea to set up a small savings account to keep you going during those first couples of months.


Once you finish everything, enjoy the last moments in your old home and recount all the memories created there. Relax before the day of the move because it will be a stressful and long day, but it will pass surprisingly quickly. Checklists like this one are here to help you do everything without forgetting the important parts. Lastly, don’t get stressed if something doesn’t go according to your plan, and be prepared for certain setbacks in the schedule.

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