Relaxing spa day at home: the ultimate guide

Treating yourself to a spa day doesn’t have to entail going to the actual spa. If you feel more relaxed at home, you can indulge yourself in a soothing and tranquil ambience right in your sanctuary. Not only will this be more affordable, but it will also provide you with an opportunity to tailor your spa day to your needs and preferences.


Cleanse your space

Organising your own spa day requires you to prepare your home and create a calming atmosphere. You cannot relax if your space is cluttered and you have a lot of cleaning chores on your mind. You need to free your space and yourself from unnecessary items and worries. Create a fresh, clean base that will inspire you with relaxation, peacefulness and tranquillity.


Gather your supplies

spa essentials
The next step is planning which spa treatments you want to undergo on your spa day. You have all the freedom to experiment and try out new ones or stick to a few basic choices. This is your day and you can plan it the way you want to. From manicure and pedicure to facial treatments, body scrubs and soothing bubble baths, there are plenty of relaxing and indulging options. Afterwards, gather all the necessary supplies and body care products. If you’re planning to try some DIY recipes, make sure to get all the ingredients. You don’t want to start your treatments only to realise that you don’t have all the supplies.


Prep the area

You should pick the perfect spot for your spa day at home. You should be isolated from possible distractions and feel completely comfortable. The bedroom and the bathroom are the two most popular choices for a spa day at home. When preparing them, you should dim the lights, introduce luxurious towels, comfy robes and slippers and soft mats. If possible, you should set up different treatment stations, so that you can easily move from one spot to another. It’s also important that you decide on the order of treatments – you cannot polish your nails and then start scrubbing your body.


Mix a refreshing and healthy drink

During your spa day, you need to stay energised and hydrated, so make sure to prepare some refreshing drinks. You can mix a delicious cocktail, but make sure to have enough water within your reach. Fruit-flavoured water is the perfect choice for a spa day since it will keep you healthy and hydrated while bringing some delicious flavours. One last thing – make sure to get a lovely wooden bath tray so that you don’t have to get out of the tub to get a drink.


Get your yoga game on

You can start your spa day with a revitalising yoga session. Practising yoga brings numerous health benefits, including increased flexibility, slowed ageing processes, lower blood pressure, reduced stress and many others. It’s the perfect way to start your spa day because it will help you relax, connect with your inner self and become more mindful of your surroundings. If you’re an experienced yogi, you already know the power of yoga. If you’ve never practised it before, you can find great tutorials online to guide you through your session.


Relax in an outdoor oasis

After your energising, yet calming yoga practice, you can head to your outdoor oasis. If you have a modern and practical swim spa, you can immerse yourself into the warm bubbly water and feel your entire body completely relax. It’s the perfect way to unwind after a yoga practice and before your spa treatments because it will ease any muscle tension and relieve stress that you may still feel. If you don’t have such a functional spa, you should consider investing in one because it will provide you with long-term benefits. You’ll always have a soothing backyard sanctuary where you can relax even if you don’t have enough time to organise an entire spa day.


Play some soothing tunes

After you move back into your indoor oasis, make sure to play some relaxing music. You can find great playlists online, but you should go with relaxing, downtempo tones instead of energising songs. You want to deepen your relaxation mood, so play some meditative music that won’t distract or overwhelm you.


Don’t forget aromatherapy

During your spa day, you need to appeal to all of your senses. Aromatherapy is a great way to soothe your senses even further and attain tranquillity. However, keep in mind that different scents can have different effects on you. For instance, eucalyptus is quite energetic while lavender has a calming effect. If you have headaches frequently, a ginger scent may alleviate this problem. You can light several scented candles or get essential oils and place them in a diffuser that will spray them around your spa sanctuary.


Start your indulging treatments

Finally, you can start the spa treatments that you’ve already prepared. If you have damaged hair, make sure to apply a nourishing hair mask. Of course, a face mask is an essential spa treatment that can help revitalise your skin. Afterwards, you can go with a full-body scrub session and enjoy a bubble bath. Make sure to use a rich body moisturiser immediately after your bath to capture the moisture and keep your skin soft.

Organising a spa day at home is the perfect way to relax and indulge yourself without having to leave your cosy sanctuary.

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