Reasons Why You Need to Have a Schedule as a Freelancer

It’s easy to not have a schedule as a freelancer. After all, you don’t have a boss looking over your shoulder, and you likely have flexible deadlines (or at least nothing due until the end of the week or month).

Whether you have flexibility and freedom or not, a schedule is essential for your freelance career.

While a schedule might sound like you’re eliminating freedom as a remote worker, this schedule can be whatever works for you, and you can still work at coffee shops.

Here are just some of the reasons why you need to have a schedule.


A routine will prevent procrastination

A daily routine will prevent procrastination for a couple of reasons. It will force you to sit down and do your work during the scheduled time, and it will help you build good habits in the long run. If you stick to your schedule, it will eventually become natural to you and you will no longer fight with yourself (or writer’s block) because you’ll be used to working at the desired block of time.

You don’t need to have the ultimate morning routine to achieve success, but incorporating one can help you get your day started on the right note.

With a schedule, you won’t find yourself wasting time on social media as often as before because this schedule will include everything you do. There will be a time during the day when social media and surfing the web is permitted.


A schedule adds structure to your day

Going off the point above, a schedule adds structure to your day because, ideally, you have every hour mapped out. You know when you’re going to be doing focused work, when you’re going to be answering emails, when you’re going to be taking phone calls/meetings, when you’re going to be taking lunch, etc.
Everything is planned out, giving your day structure
This structure will not only ensure you get done with your work and hit deadlines, but it will allow you to pencil in your passion projects as well, whether that’s going to school to become a bankruptcy attorney or writing your first novel.

The key is to schedule breaks and plan for tasks to take longer than expected. You might work from home, but that doesn’t mean everything is going to go according to plan. A conference call could run longer than expected, or you might take a longer lunch to recharge your brain.


A schedule will give you more free time

Many freelancers hate schedules because they appear to restrict their time on the surface. Why would you make a schedule if you have all day to do something?

Creating a schedule can actually lead to a person having more free time. Not to mention, he or she will be able to enjoy that time because deadlines won’t be hanging over their heads. Time management can be a freelancer’s greatest weapon.

While a schedule does take mystery out of the day since everything is written down, schedules can keep freelancers balanced. Because all tasks, chores, and breaks are on the schedule, it ensures that a freelancer is putting in enough work while also getting the right amount of breaks.

Schedules might not sound glamorous on paper, but when implemented properly, they can lead to freelancers getting the most out of their time, whether they’re full-time freelancers, part-time, or even have a side job at an archery store in Jasper, AL. Get the most out of your time by creating a schedule that’s tailored to your wants and needs.

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