Real Estate CRM Software: 12 Perfect Options for Real Estate Agents

CRM Software is important in any business. However, if you are in the real estate business, the importance of CRM multiplies. If you play it right, you can get a lot of your potential leads from your CRM software. CRM for the Real estate is much more than a simple database that stores names, numbers and email ids. CRM systems of today actually can offer real estate agents multiple other benefits.

We are in 2018. Any Real Estate CRM software needs to be effective, efficient, quick and user-friendly. It should ideally take you less than 15 minutes to understand the software.  They should follow cloud computing and offer your team remote data access – from anywhere and at any time. CRM for real estate businesses should be customizable. There is no one-size-fits-all. Businesses should be able to customize their CRM software based on their specific sales and marketing requirements.  They should offer automation of simple tasks, have an inbuilt reminder and alerts trigger and also allow for real-time tracking.

There are multiple vendors offering you CRM for real estate business. Each solution will have its own set of pros and cons. Let us look at some of the popular CRM software options available in the market for real estate agents.


  • Zoho

Zoho CRM is one of the most popular CRM softwares available. It offers you a complete customer lifecycle management system. It allows you to integrate sales, customer support, marketing and inventory management seamlessly into one single software.


  • amoCRM

If you are dealing with huge numbers, this CRM software helps you to customize communication with each of them. The software automates daily tasks using personalized templates for email, chat-bots, reminders, follow-up alerts etc. It is cloud-based hence allows for remote access to data.


  • Copper

Copper (earlier called Prosper Works) integrates easily into the Google Suite of tools. It is extremely user-friendly. If you know to operate Gmail then you can easily use the Copper CRM software.


  • RealtyBackOffice

This CRM software is good for real estate businesses as it offers a cloud-based solution with features like dashboards, e-signing of forms, training in the form of webinars, real-time online etc. It allows you to distribute leads to different agents and also track the same. It allows you to customize the dashboard and entire look & feel with your company colors and logo.


  • Deal path

This CRM software is again a cloud-based project management solution, more suited for the commercial real estate. It lets you manage the entire process seamlessly and also automatically generates reports. It has features like smart notifications, export of data, customizable templates and more.



  • RealSpace

The USP of this CRM software is that it is robust, very fast and easy to understand. It has workflow automation and the email and SMS features have been integrated seamlessly into the software. They also boast an extremely efficient and supportive sales team who are more than willing to answer all your queries and help you set up the entire system in a matter of a few days.


  • CallAction

This Real Estate CRM software scores when it comes to automation and routing of calls. The intelligent automation feature allows you to capture, interact with, engage with and finally convert inbound calls, messages and emails.


  • Placester

This CRM software allows you to organize your leads, set up automatic reminders for the prospects and also set up automatic emailer campaigns to follow up with them.  Brokers can use this platform to assign leads to agents and also pull leads from real estate portals into the system. It also lets you generate reports to track the source of the new leads.


  • Contactually

This CRM platform syncs easily with iOs, Android, Outlook, Gmail and also can be integrated with Salesforce.  It has regular features like a dashboard, automation, reminders, notification, customized email templates etc. It also has an in-browser tool which lets you curate interesting content and share with your contacts.


  • PlanPlus Online

This CRM software also allows you to set drip email marketing campaigns. It has features like “Weekly Planning” which allows you to create tasks for your team for the entire week and also track the same. It offers other tools like segmenting, free email support and also has tutorial videos that help you understand how to maximize the platform.


  • PropertyBase

This CRM solution lets you create custom dashboards, set notifications, integrate inbound leads into your contacts etc. It also allows you to sync with other software like MailChimp and Dropbox so that files can be shared easily. If you want, you could opt for multiple add-ons which can help ease your administration tasks.


  • Realvolve

This is probably the simplest CRM software option available in the market. It has a simple workflow program using which you can create a simple or complex workflow for agents/brokers. You can integrate easily with social media accounts and Evernote and also monitor social media posts, activities, calendar etc. through the dashboard.

To conclude, there are multiple real estate CRM solutions available in the market. Clearly define the features of a CRM software as per your business requirements; do your research and then take an informed purchase decision.

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