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Quick home crafts to do with your kids

Kids today will probably never know how to really live without having technology permeating into every aspect of life. With that is the decreased likelihood of boredom, which is what leads to little gimmicks that may seem pointless to adults but could be a whole afternoon of entertainment to little kids.

Gadgets have infiltrated our home and everyday lifestyle, but don’t let your kids miss out on offline playtime activities without the magic devices that bring endless entertainment. Here are quick home crafts for your kids that let them experience childhood pre-Internet era.


Quick Home Crafts to Do with Your Kids

Very few things beat the excitement of waking up on the weekend with art materials at the ready and art shows coming up on the television. Recreating these easy arts and crafts projects meant a great deal to kids then. These craft ideas aren’t that different to the activities you might’ve grown up to and they come at little cost to span a whole afternoon of undisturbed bonding time with your kids.


Simple Woodworking

When we say woodworking for kids, it doesn’t involve heavy blocks of wood and saws that might be as big if not bigger than your kid’s head. These kid-friendly woodworking projects could use just popsicle sticks. The most complicated ones doesn’t involve big wooden materials, rather just more complex steps and instructions. Nonetheless, woodworking projects are a thrilling project to bond over and do together.


Homemade Slime

The first image that comes to mind with the word slime is the nostalgic old-school Nickelodeon green slime that they used to pour on everyone. This stands as proof that disgusting-looking things like goo and slime have fascinated kids from then to now. You can probably just get the slime kit from toy stores, but this homemade slime notches up the fun, not to mention it’s more attractive than Nickelodeon’s booger-looking slime.


Tie Dye Projects

The magic of tie dye doesn’t really get lost on kids as they grow up. Even as adults, the magical effect of this craft project can still bring fascination and awe. We can’t foresee a future without kids and adults alike still tie dying shirts, towels, and any other fabric they can think of. We can only imagine it being all the more exciting when done together.


Three-Ingredient Play Dough

The idea of having a kid brings the crazy dream of giving them every cute toy you saw. That might’ve been the plan until the harsh slap of reality in the form of price tags hit you. Play-Doh are up there with legos when it comes to the most desired toys, but they don’t come cheap. Essentially, they’re just clay, which you can make yourself. The best thing about it is it only requires three ingredients that you probably already have in the kitchen.


Clean Up as Playtime

Cleaning up is hardly enjoyable even for adults, but don’t you notice that when done with other people, it becomes less dreadful than when you do it alone? There are ways to incorporate cleaning into playtime and disguising it as something fun to do than an obligation. It’s never too early to teach your kids to be organized and clean with their things.


Bonus: Try Something Other Than Crafts

Perhaps you’ve tried all of the above (and more) and your kids just don’t gravitate towards crafts. Or, perhaps you’re not the crafty type, and so all this focus on crafts is taxing for you. In these situations, try something different. Get out and kick a soccer ball with your kids, or try visiting a local museum or library. At the end of the day, it is about spending time with your children, while helping them grow and mature. 

The endless possibilities of things to do on a phone may seem like a tempting way to keep your kids entertained for hours on end. That’s hours of no distractions, but you risk not creating memories with them. With these craft projects, your kid will have a plethora of memories of you doing things together at a time when it’s so easy to fall back on staring at a screen, as many other people do.


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