Psychology of Productivity: The Best Color Schemes for Home Office

Even though the idea behind your home office is the same as for the usual one, it still needs some extra tricks to turn into the workspace. The most important thing is to separate it from rest of the house, in order to gain work discipline and not mix business with private life.

No matter if you designate a separate room or area for your workstation, you will still have to work on its design features. One of them is certainly color and its impact on your business activities.

“The psychology of color is real. Certain colors elicit emotional and physical reactions and responses from individuals. Colour impacts mood and energy levels. Therefore, be aware of the psychological impact of the color you choose for your home office,” says Jo Heinz president of Staffelbach.

Therefore, color can greatly affect your productivity and motivation. In order to prepare your workspace at home to be as effective as the one at the company premises, check this advice. After all, the professional ethics stays the same, and that is to be as successful as possible in achieving your business goals.


Consult Color Affects System

Although you will find many designs which will turn your home space into the real office, you have to start from yourself. A home office is an area of your home that you will have to work and spend hours. So how you feel about certain colors is the most important aspect of design.

However, your favorite colors may be great for your clothes, but when it comes to home office, they might have a negative effect. Angela Wright, a world-renown color psychologist believes that hues, saturation, and intensity are equally important. She developed Color Affects System which many consider the best instruction how to adapt space for maximum efficiency and inspiration.


The less productive color choice

Never forget that color choice affects the mood and effectiveness. As the one making decisions about your home office design, you can have a say in everything, including the colors that will surround you.

In the study from the University of Texas, the researchers investigated the impact of color on productivity. They investigated three groups of people assigned tasks which they had to complete in three separate rooms painted in red, white and aqua colors. It may seem surprising, but the red-room group had no problem in completing its tasks. On the other hand, the group from the white room made the most mistakes and errors in their assignments.  

“White doesn’t help us be productive, and most work environments are white, off-white, or grey,” said the researcher Nancy Kwallek. “There have been studies that asked worker preference about environment and color, and the majority felt they liked to work in a blue or blue-green environment.”


Four colors that motivate

Colour psychologist Angela Wright highlights four colors which are perfect to create a motivational environment in the home office. Those are red, blue, green and yellow. According to Wright, every color is appropriate for the certain type of business activity.  

And, therefore, red is the color to stimulate excitement. It has a noticeable physical response to a person and can trigger the survival instinct. However, this color can also have a negative effect on those who don’t manage in high-stress situations. Blue is a very popular color in office spaces because it has a soothing and calming effect. This is actually the color perfect for those who work on administrative tasks and are most confident in their office.

Yellow is the color for innovators and entrepreneurs since it’s energizing and emotional. It is also the strongest psychological color. This means that you have to apply it moderately for the right effect. Green is perfect to create a calming environment since it’s not strenuous for the eyes. It’s the color of nature and reminds us of it, so we feel more relaxed when surrounded by it.


Match colors to your business

Since our minds react to the color on the physical level as well, it’s important that we know how to use them correctly. Experienced professional painters advise pairing up your business with the color instead of choosing the ones which you like the most. Red will give you integrity if you work in sales, while blue will provide focus. Too much color in the room and your mind can get confused unconsciously.

Purple is the color of spirituality. So if you have a home yoga or massage studio, consider it help your clients center on their wellbeing and self-esteem. Many offices choose grey since it represents neutrality and so it seems like the easiest solution. But although it can give a modern look to the office, it’s can also stimulate depression. Orange is warm and gives a fun aspect to the room. It creates a casual ambiance, so it might not be good for those jobs requiring discipline.



Colours define us on the everyday level. They not only surround us but also inspire us to make certain choices and develop specific feelings. So, before you paint your home office, make sure that the color will help you be productive, and not interrupt your thought process. Just like with everything else, every color also has its appropriate place and we only have to put it there.


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