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Pros & Cons Of Hiring Foreign Workforce In Your Small Company


In many countries, hiring foreign workers is nothing unusual, but there are still debates about advantages and disadvantages in this matter and weather is good for the economy of the country. The question Should I hire foreign workforce in my company applies both to bringing foreign talents over to work in the country where your company is situated and to hiring locals when expanding your company overseas.

The talent shortage is one of the biggest concerns for businesses and this why the question about hiring foreign workforce comes into play. There are skilled workers all across the world, and if there is a person with a specific skill your company needs, he or she will be a great asset to your team no matter where that person is located. The high demand for the skilled workers is what makes employers tap into the foreign labor resource which has significantly increased in the past decade.

But like with anything in life, there are pros and cons to this matter as well:



Foreign labor is cheaper than the local

foreign labor is cheaper

Countries with the stronger economy have better career opportunities and that is a well-known fact. These opportunities are what attracts from all around the world and the urgent need for income as well as a passion for new experiences will make foreign workers start the job at any rate. Usually, your lowest rate is quite significant to them. As a result, the employer gets cheaper workers that will do their job in the best way possible and in that way makes the profit for the company.


Trained and/or experienced potential workers to choose from

quality workforce to chose from

Since the earlier generations are gradually retiring, the demand for skilled workers is getting higher and higher in various fields. As a result, companies are looking forward to hiring skilled labors that are looking for a job from all around the world. These skilled workers are usually trained and educated in their home country. Since there are so many foreign people searching for jobs, a company has a big pull of choices to pick the best from. And as we said in the previous paragraph, they are employed at the cheaper rate which is a big advantage for the company.


Unwanted domestic job vacancies filled with foreign workers

As we already mentioned, the requirement for skillful workers is huge so job seekers have more than few options to choose from, but that makes it almost impossible for jobs with let’s say odd hours to fill out. People also tend to stay away from working in remote areas mostly due to lack of technology. This situation is great for foreigners since they can easily get jobs such as hotel staff, construction etc.




Problems with Visas and immigration process

No matter where in the world your company is located, you certainly have a skills gap in any industry. This is especially a problem for Australia who really tries to gather talented and capable workers. If you can’t find the right employee in your country or city then hiring someone from another country is the best solution for you. With increased globalization and better migration policies hiring foreign workforce has never been more common than it is today, but still very few companies are willing to take that advantage since they know how to do it properly. That’s why you should try to find the best immigration lawyer in Sydney to help you with all sorts of problems regarding the immigration process and visas for foreign employees.


Acceptance from the local employees

acceptance from the local workers

Acceptance of someone from another country and all the cultural and ethical differences can be an issue. If for example, you have local workers in your company, all from the same cultural background, they are more likely to understand each other and work better together without problems. On the other hand, if you bring a foreigner to this workplace, present workers might not accept that person due to differences and not cooperate with their new colleague. That’s why you would need to invest in diverse environment training in order to maintain healthy work environment.


Absence or lack of lingua franca i.e. the common language

lack of lingua franca

Lack or lingua franca or language barrier can be quite an issue in the workplace. Most countries invest a lot in high education and training but their people can barely speak English. This is a big problem, so you need to make sure that the foreigner you are hiring is fluent in English language or otherwise you would need to invest in English speaking courses for the candidate.


Negligence towards the local public and local talents

Hiring foreign talents might seem like a good and profit-friendly idea to business owners even though the local talent deals with big difficulties in finding a proper job for themselves. The result is higher unemployment rates across your country which can lead to increased crime rate and lots of other problems.




These were just a few points that can be stated in a debate over the pros and cons of hiring a foreign workforce. At the end of the day, this is a subjective decision that a company needs to make once they consider all the aspects of both pros and cons and understand what works best for their company.





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