Happy co-workers

Promoting Employee Happiness Benefits Everyone

Employee happiness has come a long way. For quite some time, it was banished to oblivion. In recent years, however, it has moved up on the list of priorities and became an imperative for forward-thinking companies. Even though the tide is turning, there are still many who refuse to acknowledge workers and reduce them to mere cogs in the corporate machinery.

Well, this kind of treatment inevitably backfires and wreaks havoc on motivation and productivity levels. It also dramatically reduces retention rates because people quickly become disenchanted and seek to jump ship. So, if you mean to turn a new leaf, see what you can do to infuse more happiness into your operations and elevate your whole business in the process.

A leap from theory to practice

The Team

The old business order crumbles, yet refuses to die. Numerous business owners and managers stick to outdated leadership styles – they would rather crack whip than have an open, honest conversation. They disregard those who actually do most of the work and fail to understand that a company is a collective effort, not a one-man show.

This is quite unfortunate and impossible to justify by any stretch of the imagination. After all, few people would dispute that when workers are happy, their organizations thrive. This looks good in theory, but how do we translate it into practice? How do we even define happiness in the light of the modern business world?

Well, this feeling is intertwined with overall job satisfaction. It revolves around the sense of belonging to the company. It is linked to recognition of the work as meaningful and impactful for the organization. Finally, happiness echoes an impression that we are making progress, growing together as individuals and organizations.

Opening the doors to happiness


A happy employee is the best kind of employee there is. People who are motivated and driven are prepared not only to pull their weight, but also go above and beyond the call of duty. Recent studies have shown that happy employees are 20% more productive than discontent ones. So, can we use the good old money to increase happiness levels?

It can certainly be a powerful motivator, but the truth is that it only goes so far. Like it or not, focusing solely on benefits does not cut it anymore. You have to figure out ways to make everyone feel connected and invested in the company’s mission.

Thus, a good place to start is to offer kind words and praise workers who deserve it. You can bring them temporary relief this way, but to attain long-term benefits, you need to do more. Namely, help employees envision their career path and establish goals. Provide developmental support, new job opportunities, career planning, as well as relevant training opportunities. Present new challenges and responsibilities every now and then.

Regaining balance

work life balance

The cornerstone of happiness is a good work-life balance. There are many ways to achieve or undermine it. To do the former, encourage employees to adopt healthy lifestyle habits, in and outside work.

From time to time, enable them to get away from the overwhelming hustle and bustle. Allow more vacation days for top performers and implement flexible work arrangements. In this day and age of digital boom, there is no need to keep everyone constantly chained to their office desk. So, designate a number of hours that can be allocated to working from home.

Throw some fun and relaxation into the mix. Provide a group lunch. Buy cinema tickets. Invest in wellness programs. Book a visit to stunning retreats like those offered by Byron Bay accommodation. Everyone will be able to melt the stress away and bond on a deeper level. Once you get back to business, promote a positive workplace culture and cultivate friendships. Throw an office party and celebrate your achievements.

Foundations of open communication

Open communication

Furthermore, create common areas where employees can engage in impromptu meetings and casual conversations. Make sure to ramp up workplace amenities and maintain a healthy indoor climate. Allow people to take frequent short breaks that recharge their batteries. All in all, embrace a holistic approach and go the extra mile before asking others to do so.

Finally, open the lines of communication and promote transparency at all levels. People should feel free to share their ideas and provide input. This allows you to soak in feedback, understand the pain point and find the best ways of improving satisfaction. In addition, such an open culture spurs lively ideation, collaboration, innovation, and interaction.

In due time, you will feel the influx of sprawling happiness propelling your organization forward.

Full steam ahead

Promoting happiness is a clear win-win, a landslide victory for everyone. So, there should be no excuse: Look beyond fatter paychecks and pats on the shoulder. Show appreciation for a job well done. Adopt transparent communication and acknowledge people’s contributions. Make work-life balance a top priority. Recognize and reward.

Allow people to take pride in their work, enjoy their time spent in the office and come the next day with a smile on their face. The small stuff adds up and enables you to create a swell job experience which is an integral part of a fulfilled and happy life.

Ultimately, you will be able to muster the full potential of your workforce and sharpen your competitive edge.

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