Private property – how to maintain privacy in a busy area

Have you recently moved to a neighbourhood that may be just a little too busy for your liking? Or perhaps you are already settled in a busy neighbourhood and are looking for some new ways in which you can maintain privacy in your home and keep those snoopy neighbours out of your business! Well, whichever the case, you’re in luck! In this article, we will look into some simple, cost effective and ingenious ways in which you can preserve your privacy when living in a busy area. Read on to find out more!


Time To Dress Those Windows Up!

One of the most basic and best ways of preserving your privacy is to ensure that your windows are well shielded. Whether this means investing in some block out curtains, blinds or new curtains, covering your windows is the simplest and easiest way to ensure that the snooping neighbours or people along the busy streets aren’t looking into your business when you’re trying to enjoy a film with your friends and loved ones. On top of assisting you to maintain privacy in your home, shielding the windows can also keep the harsh afternoon sunlight out, as well as add a decorative touch to the rooms in your home!


Put A Fence Up

Another fantastic way to truly preserve your privacy in a very busy neighbourhood is to install a fence around your home. Fences are great options that do not take up too much space and are not too difficult to install. You can choose from man made materials or recycled material for your fence, and you can either put it up yourself or enlist the help of a professional. Fences are a surefire way to ensure no one is looking into your home round the clock. Always make sure that you consult your neighbours and local council to check for permissions when it comes to installing a fence around your home, just to avoid any possible future arguments or unexpected fines from finding their way to you.


Get Gardening!

Planting some trees, shrubbery and general greenery around your home is a fantastic way to not just make your home look aesthetically pleasing, but also provide some privacy for your home. Look into evergreens which will offer you year round privacy, and strategically place your plants in locations that will block any prying eyes from looking into your home. Aside from offering visual privacy, trees and shrubbery can also cancel out noise which may come in handy in a very busy neighbourhood. Allow your plants to block out the noise of cars, people and general background noises that are all too common on busy streets.


Consider Building A Shed

Everyone loves a shed – it provides you a nice little space to store your items such as power tools, lawn mowers and any other items that may need to be stored securely in your home. Did you know that a shed, however, can also double up by keeping prying eyes out of your home? A shed can block noises out, and prevent people from looking into your home. You can easily build your own shed out of vinyl or plastic sheets for something that is easy to put together and doesn’t cost you an arm and leg.


Install Security Cameras

Security cameras are a fantastic way to not just allow you to have records of what is going on around your property when you are not home, but also assist in deterring people from trying anything sneaky. When people think or know they are being watched, chances of them looking into your home or getting up to any funny business are greatly reduced, which is a fantastic reason to install security cameras. You’ll be maintaining both the safety and privacy of your home all at once.

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