Prezi for Business

Why Use Prezi for Business Presentations

While PowerPoint is still one of the most popular tools for making presentations, Prezi is slowly making its way to the top of the list. Many educational facilities have already admitted its superiority over other presentations programs due to the visual approach to the information.

Business presentations are stricter and less image-oriented than educational presentations. However, Prezi can become an irreplaceable tool for making them more straightforward and easy to wrap your mind around.

Many specialists are faced with the choice of a program to make a business presentation with. We asked experts from PresentationGeeks to tell us why Prezi is the best option for many.

1. Prezi Business

Prezi Business differs from the original Prezi version by simplifying the presentation creation process. It’s suitable for people who have never worked with such programs before. The simple design workflow allows the user to create organized visual maps of the presentation content quickly and painlessly.

For example, you could create a quick presentation of services or products offered by the company by placing them all in one clear overview and grouping by special characteristics. Prezi Business’ map structure helps come up with a simpler presentation delivery.

2. Dynamic Approach

When it comes to business presentations, speed is the major factor. In the world where everyone is pressed for time, spending hours on one presentation is out of the question. Prezi allows the presentation process to become more dynamic. It’s fluid and vibrant enough to catch the audience’s attention while containing sufficient information to get the point across.

The zooming transitions from one slide to another are more exciting than the simple PowerPoint approach. They are created to wake the audience up and make the brains work faster. Overall, it’s just much more fun than other presentation tools.

3. Seamless Media Integration

Since Prezi appeared on the market much later than PowerPoint, it has much slicker and more interesting graphics as well as exciting sliding options. The designers created it to seamlessly integrate media, making it much easier to create an impressive presentation.

A business presentation often requires images and videos. Spending too much time on proper implementation is out of the question. You can embed the media directly into the presentation without adjusting the rest of the project. You don’t need to work with any other tools to scale the media files to suit the presentation.

4. Cloud Storage

One of the main reasons why you would want to use Prezi for business presentations is that you can leave them in the cloud for the audience to work with. More often than not, the audience has numerous questions about a presentation. Prezi allows access to the presentations at any time and from anywhere.

At the same time, its placement on a cloud allows numerous people to work with the presentation simultaneously without physically being next to each other. This is an excellent option for specialists working at different locations.

The ability to access a presentation in a cloud eliminates the need for a physical presence at meetings.

5. SEO Benefits

Experts from MiroMind believe that Prezi presentations are good for SEO. Business presentations made with Prezi rank high on the search rankings, making it easier for the marketing team to do its job. It seems that Google likes Prezi, allowing you to kill two birds with one stone: create a high-quality presentation and get your company promoted.


Overall, Prezi is an excellent choice for business presentation. It can help create high-quality, easy-to-understand presentations and share them on the internet.  


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