Practical Ways to Prevent Theft at Your Company

Theft is a problem for companies in every industry, from small Mom-and-Pop stores to mega-chain corporations. Since you’re reading this article, it’s likely that you have experienced theft at your company as well. It would be bad enough if it was only customers who were the ones stealing from you, but sometimes it’s your very own employees who are guilty. How can you stop this from happening? Below are some basic measures you can take to reduce theft at your business.

Begin with Ethics Training for All Employees

The first step is to have clear policies regarding theft and its consequences. These should be clearly laid out in your employee handbook, and you should ensure that every new employee signs or initials that they have received the policy, that they understand it and that they will abide by it.

You should also have ethics training modules that are taught to your employees regarding how to act ethically at work. These could be video training courses or written ones. Either way, the training needs to happen, and your employees need to understand that they will be held accountable for their actions.

Make it clear to everyone that there is zero tolerance for theft of any kind, and ensure that swift disciplinary action is taken whenever someone is caught stealing, whether it is an entry-level employee who has been on staff for less than a week or an upper member of management who has been with the company since day one.

Install Physical and Digital Security Measures

Video cameras are one of the greatest deterrents against employee theft, especially camera systems that are maintained remotely with off-site recording. POS procedures should also be in place to minimize the possibility of cashier theft and to prevent multiple employees from having access to the cash drawer.

Card-accessed electronic door locks can also be used to restrict employee access to valuables and sensitive information or equipment as needed. Obviously, being able to monitor who is coming and going around your property throughout the day and night can go a long way in helping to uncover any wrongdoing.

Hire a Professional Security Company

If the above measures alone are not enough for you to handle theft problems internally, then it might be time to call in the pros. Outside security companies are not only more impartial than your own employees, but they are also highly trained to recognize possible weaknesses in your security systems and procedures. This can make a huge difference in your effectiveness at combating theft from outside and inside your organization.

If your company is experiencing problems with employee theft, then following the three tips above can help you identify how theft is occurring and how to put an end to it quickly and efficiently.

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